The partnership between science and economy at the University of Rostock

Cooperations between the University of Rostock and companies are an essential tool of knowledge exchange and efficient transfer of scientific findings into commercial products. Due to the enhanced significance of research in the innovation business in general, it is more than ever important to establish needs-based collaborations between science and economy.


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Utilisation Strategies

Utilisation Network (VVB) M-V

The Utilisation Network (VVB) M-V is a network of ten scientific institutions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (registered office at the University of Rostock), which supports its members from the evaluation on to the phase of patenting. Every year, scientific notifications on inventions are transferred for utilisation purposes in a multiphase process.

Centre for Entrepreneurship (ZfE)

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is the central office for potential start-ups of the University of Rostock. The centre team supports students, graduates and researchers of the university in every phase of their start-up project - from the evaluation and structuring of the ideas and concepts on to the formal and organisational implementation of their start-up project. The Centre for Entrepreneurship gives counselling on subsidy options and provides support in submitting applications, e.g. to obtain the EXIST start-up scholarship, EXIST research transfer etc.

Patent and Norm Centre (PNZ)

The Patent and Norm Centre (PNZ) of Rostock's university library was launched in 1985. It provides information and services in all fields of industrial property rights. The services of PNZ are not only available to members of the university but also employees from small and medium sized companies and private inventors, who wish to implement innovative ideas, can approach the centre.