Language learning

Language learning

Good foreign language skills are an important pre-requisite to a successful stay abroad. For a semester abroad or a scholarship application, proof of proficiency in the national language or the respective teaching language is often required. On the following pages, you will find language courses and information on individual language tests.

Language courses

At the Language Centre of the University of Rostock, you have the opportunity to equip yourself with the language skills required for a planned course of study or internship abroad in a targeted manner, to consolidate your existing language skills or to learn a new language from scratch.

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Participants in the ERASMUS+ programme receive online support with the acquisition andimprovement of your foreign language skills. The online language training incorporates a mandatory language test in the teaching language and an optional language course.

Tandem Programme

Within the scope of the Tandem Programme run by the University of Rostock, two students with differing native languages meet in their free time to improve their knowledge of the other’s language by engaging in discussion.

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The Tandem Exchange SEAGULL (Smart Educational Autonomy through Guided Language Learning) offers an online platform to help you find a suitable Tandem partner, within Europe and worldwide, and download free work materials.

Language Certificates

For many host universities, and for the majority of internship programmes, you are required to prove your language aptitude by means of a language certificate. For DAAD programmes, a DAAD Language Certificate is mandatory. This can be acquired in the University of Rostock Language Centre.

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The TOEFL Test is a standardised English language test, which is recognised by the majority of universities in which English is the teaching language. It is possible to prepare for sitting the TOEFL test in the Self-Learning Centre within the Language Centre.