Facts and Figures

The University of Rostock is the oldest universities in the Baltic Sea Region. It comprises of nine faculties. In addition, the interdisciplinary faculty as scientific key institution connects researchers and students from all disciplines in currently four profile lines: “Life, Light and Matters”, “Maritime Systems”, Ageing of Individual and Society” and “Knowledge - Culture - Transformation”.

Scientists of the University of Rostock have worked in a special research area financed by the DFG since 2015, but also in two research teams. In addition, five postgraduate programs provided junior scientists with the opportunity to participate in strongly interdisciplinary oriented research work. The University of Rostock’s third party funding volume amounted to about 57.1 Mio Euros in 2015.

13,766 students in total were enrolled at the University of Rostock in winter term 2015/16. And it was 4,309 university entrants in 2015. 2,417 students successfully completed their studies. [further information]