University of Rostock Equal Opportunities Commissioner

The Equal Opportunities Commissioner is tasked with supporting the directors and central committees of the University of Rostock in complying with the legal requirement to actually promote the implementation of the equal treatment of men and women and to remove all obstacles currently barring the way to the same.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, in particular to increase the proportion of women in science, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner also provides senior managers with advice on structural change measures. He or she also has the right to issue a position statement in relation to the process of appointing professors. The Equal Opportunities Commissioner strives to ensure that equal opportunities aspects are taken into consideration by the University in fulling its objectives in terms of development planning and resource allocation, particularly in relation to study and research.

The Equal Opportunities Commissioner must be involved in all staff-related, social and organisational measures pertaining to female employees, such as placements, promotions, classifications, upgrading, personnel transfers and the assignment of higher-level tasks, the formulation of job vacancies, selection processes, interviews, advanced training initiatives, disciplinary measures, and workplace design. In addition, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner provides information and support to the University's female staff in relation to any and all problems.

Ass. iur. Annette Meier

Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the University of Rostock

Parkstrasse 6
18051 Rostock

Tel.: + 49 381 498 5743
Fax: + 49 381 498 5744



Office of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Office: Parkstrasse 6, left entrance, R 308 (attic)

Office hours:

Upon agreement

Tel.: +49 381 498-5743
Fax: +49 381 498 5744