Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Natural phenomena are the subject of natural sciences that observe and describe them and investigate their connections and regularities – usually by experimentation.

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The results of these experiments and tests are described in mathematical formulas and with the help of models or theories. Beyond this explanation task, they focus on providing knowledge to other, more practically oriented fields as medicine, agriculture or technology.

Mathematics and natural sciences are, amongst others, the basics of engineering sciences and establish the related preconditions. The most important auxiliary discipline in natural sciences is mathematics. It works on problems which can be displayed by figures or geometric shapes as well as formal structures and systems which can be derived by increasing abstraction. This must not necessarily be related to the initial questions of natural sciences as displayed by sub-disciplines as business mathematics.

Basic requirement for studying mathematics/natural sciences is a profound understanding of mathematics as well as abstract and logical thinking. In addition, the study course demands the ability to apply newly acquired knowledge to new, unknown circumstances (transferability). In addition, one should enjoy exploring, investigating and experimenting for studying natural sciences. As, for instance, many tasks in laboratories have to be carried out when studying biology and chemistry, a certain technical understanding is helpful for complicated experimental setups. The students have to read a lot to acquire the needed theoretical basic skills.

The University of Rostock offers four basic bachelor study courses in this field of study: Physics, Chemistry, Biosciences and Mathematics. Marine biology, environmental chemistry, marine chemistry, analytical and numerical treatment of partial differential equations, optics and laser physics as well as atmospheric physics and physical oceanography are faculty sections strong in research. The related master study courses derive from them. The CHE ranking places the natural sciences in Rostock in top positions. Chemistry is in second place together with two other universities. Biology and physics belong to the top group regarding study situation, tutoring and laboratory equipment.


Study courses in the field of Mathematics and Natural Sciences