Living in Rostock

Naturally, studying also means living away from home and moving into one’s own apartment. Compared with other cities in Germany, the rents in Rostock are affordable, even in the inner city and in particular in the popular student’s district Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt („KTV“). Whether you prefer a student dormitory or look for the conventional flat share… here are some useful links for your apartment search.

For a dormitory you can apply at (

Housing cooperatives in Rostock

Many housing cooperatives are now adjusted to student-friendly models and are happy to help with the search.

Hostels and Couchsurfing

Available for short-term bridging, hostels, youth hostels or couchsurfing:

No matter where you are looking for an apartment, you should start early.

Bulletin board

Many local newspapers (Ostseezeitung, NNN, Blitz, Warnow Kurier) have special categories, in which apartments are offered for rent. Also in many university buildings, such as the "green monster" (Parkstraße 6) as well as in the canteens, there are large panels in the entrance area, where students are looking for a tenant, or someone looking for a shared apartment.

You can also find such a bulletin board on facebook (