Founding / Entrepreneurship

Founding / Entrepreneurship

Just start...the University of Rostock accompanies you.

The Careers Service leads basically into all professional fields. Wether an engagement, scientific career or self employment, the Careers Service offers varieties of counselling. Many ways can be walked simultaneously. It can be helpful to keep everything in mind and to develop an individual strategy. Get your appointment for counselling today.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is the single point of contact for all people at the University of Rostock who are interested in founding. The team helps students, alumni and scientists from the first idea to the founding.   

You get free support in self employment, founding, freelancing and leadership skills.

What can I expect?

  • Basic tips for self employment
  • May I start my own business? 
  • Am I a founder type? Which training / seminar is suitable for me?
  • Who supports my idea? 
  • Can I earn money with my idea or can my idea be promoted?
  • Where can I find out more details about my specific idea? 
  • Who are the right partners for my project? 
  • What problems are approaching me and how do I solve them? 
  • How can I continue / take over a company as a successor? 

MVpreneur Day

The MVpreneur Day is for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups and for all creative lateral thinkers from MV who want to be inspired in the unique atmosphere of a university campus!

The aim is to arouse the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and to develop a vibrant start-up community through an event that is novel to the country of MV.

The next MVpreneurday awaits you on 05.06.2019! Safe the date. Mark it now: the Careers Kubb Tournament - already legendary - from 19 clock!


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