Engineering and Computer Sciences

Engineering sciences are about finding solutions based on natural science and technical insights. Here, aspects of appropriateness and practicability have to be considered as well as economic aspects.

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Thus, prospective students of this field of studies should have a profound mathematical and scientific knowledge, be technophile and well skilled in using computers. Intuition, phantasy, imagination and creativity are additional conditions. Their knowledge on technological and economic-legal basics and on product and service basics will be enhanced during the studies.

Engineers deal with planning, organization and optimization of operation and work processes. They develop, calculate, design, construct and test new products and more efficient production methods. They plan and monitor the manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and operation of machines and plants. Engineers calculate costs and take over activities regarding procurement, material management, distribution and technical consultancy. In addition, they often take over planning and monitoring tasks in public administration, work for associations and business organizations or for freelance engineering consulting services.

Computer scientists work on systematic processing, storage and transfer of data and information, automatic processing based on computer systems in particular. Informatics supports solutions of technical as well as of organizational and social problems. At the University of Rostock, scientific topics related to recording, processing, storage and display of information are interlinked with those dealing with application and use of electronics and electrical engineering. Jointly, both sectors develop "technology for people".

The University of Rostock’s focus of research are information and communication sciences, computer technology, Life Science Engineering and biosystems technology, regenerative medicine and medical technology, maritime systems and processes, sensor technology, energy conversion and mechatronics.

Study courses (Bachelor of Sciences) in the field of Engineering/ Computer Sciences