University of Rostock Alma Mater Rostochiensis – Traditio et Innovatio

Founded in 1419, the University of Rostock is the oldest in the Baltic Sea Region. True to the motto “Traditio et Innovatio”, the University of Rostock has constantly further developed. The multitude of new buildings represents the university’s modernity.

At the department „Life, Light and Matters“, basic energy, material and life science questions are investigated. Nuclear and molecular processes are investigated here and laser optics are used for medical issues.

The department „Maritime Systems“ investigates the impact of global and regional changes on coastal zones, the use of maritime systems and methods for sustainable development and coastal and sea area management.

The department Ageing of individuals and society"searches for new solutions for enabling an independent and self-determined life in old age, healthy and with full social participation.

The department „Knowledge - Culture - Transformation“ is dedicated to questions on the ratio and development of culture and knowledge, from synchronous and diachronic perspective.