University life in all its facets, amongst others, characterized and inspired by the founder and promoter activities. They provide additional impulses to academic life by supporting education and research, event and publications. They help particularly gifted students with scholarships and prices. Furthermore they enhance the university’s opportunities beyond public funding and, simultaneously, create a climate of commitment and long-term dedication with the university.

Regular donations for such purposes are provided to the University of Rostock. In addition, the following foundations exist:

Oestreich Foundation

Foundation goal is the funding of historical research on the Early Modern Era (16th to 18th century) from foundation incomes. Amongst others, publications and scientific conferences are promoted. Founder is Missis Brigitta Oestreich. The foundation, exclusively non-profit oriented, started its work in May 1994 and is held in trust by the University of Rostock.

Information on the Oestreich foundation are provided here: Link.

Friedrich and Irmgard Harms Foundation

The Friedrich and Irmgard Harms Foundation promotes high-achieving advanced students and junior scientists in their graduation stage. Funding can be provided for applicants form the university and its partner university abroad in case of proven social indigence. Originally, the foundation, established in 1994, supported the University of Rostock’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. In 2005, a dormitory built by the founder, Friedrich Harms, was transferred to University of Rostock ownership. The building is administrated by the foundation board.

Application deadline: 28 Februar or 31 August every year

Approval periods: for one term each, by 1 April or 1 October

Dr. Rosina Neumann, August-Bebel-Str. 28 / Room 7015
Tel.: +49 381 498-2571

Annemarie and Hans-Günter Hoppe Foundation

The foundations aims at promoting studies, education and research at the Faculty of Law at the University of Rostock. Accordingly, promotion awards for dissertations and scholarships are granted to particularly gifted students every year.

Hans-Günter Hoppe studied law in Rostock after World War II and became senator in Berlin and liberal member of the German Parliament in Bonn later. The foundation, founded after Hoppe’s death in 2000, is based on an initiative of his wife, Annemarie Hoppe.

Hansgeorg Bräutigam

Judge at the Regional Superior Court, retired
Email: hgbraeu(at)

Further information on the founder are provided here.

Hermann Schmitz Endowed Chair for für phänomenologische Philosophie

The founders Dr. Johannes Wehrhahn and Brigitte Hübner enabled the establishment and financing of an endowed chair dedicated to the philosopher Herrmann Schmitz at the University of Rostock. Prof. Dr. Michael Großheim was appointed as holder of the endowed chair on 1 February 2006

Further information on the work of Prof. Dr. Großheim are provided here.

Quistorp Foundation

The Quistorp Foundation was established by Alexandra Gräfin Lambsdorff, nee v. Quistorp, on 14.12.1990 as non-legally responsible foundation for maintaining the traditional attachment of her family to the University of Rostock.

Foundation goal is the promotion of science and research. It is particularly implemented by granting scholarships - mainly in the business science field.

Further information on the foundation and its activities are provided here.


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