Registrar and Units

The Registrar (Head of Administration and Finance) is the head of the Central University Administration and in charge of Budget, Human Resources, Legal Affairs and the Estate of the university. He is the household commissioner and must be involved into all measures that are financially relevant.

The chancellor is supported by his office staff and by the staff units Appointments, Health and Safety and Organisation Development.

Postal address: Universität Rostock, Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung, Der Kanzler, 18051 Rostock

Visiting address: 18055 Rostock, Universitätsplatz 1, Raum 130

Fax: +49 381 498-1015
E-Mail: kanzleruni-rostockde

Dr. Jan Tamm

Registrar (Head of Administration and Finance) (K)

Fon: +49 381 498-1014
representation: Dr. Peter Volle

Ines Herz

Office of the Registrar (VzK)

Ines Jung

Office of the Registrar (VzK)