Coastal and Marine Management

Coastal and Marine Management

Up-to-date information on environmental pressures, problems, policies and management

Increasing human activities cause an unsustainable use of our coasts and seas and the fragile ecosystems are threatened. As a consequence, coasts and seas became a focus of the European Union’s environmental policy. This policy provides the basis for an integrated and sustainable management with the goal to ensure healthy marine ecosystems that enable a sustainable use.

The course Coastal and Marine Management provides a sound overview about the scientific state of art and applicable management approaches and methods. It presents up-to-date knowledge about European Union’s coastal and marine policy and its implementation with a focus on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea shows a wide range of human activities, resulting in pressures and negative environmental impacts that are explained and discussed. On the other hand, the Baltic Sea governance and management can be regarded as successful and can serve as a best-practice example. Therefore, the knowledge obtained on the Baltic Sea is of general relevance and can be transferred to other coasts and seas.

flexible, start is possible at any time

online course with e-lectures

free of charge

about 10 hours


The e-lecture course is complemented by an online text module that provides additional, detailed background information. The thematic focus is on European Union costal and marine policy with a spatial focus on the Baltic Sea management. The online text module includes a multiple-choice self-test.


  • Introduction to CoastaI Management (ICZM)
  • Systems Approach, Stakeholder participation, tools and supporting methods
  • River Basin - Coast - Sea Management
  • Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Baltic Sea: Policies and Management, Eutrophication, Pressures and State, Environmental Assessment, Coastal Water Restauration, Mussel Farming, Bathing Water Quality, Climate Change
  • Micro, meso- and macroplastic and -litter at coasts and in the sea - problems, monitoring and solutions
  • Coastal Management case studies

Target Group

  • Students with various backgrounds as a well as employees, practitioner and laymen interested in environmental management

Part of the study programs

  • Environmental Sciences (Master at Rostock University)
  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Master at Klaipeda University)
  • Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (Bachelor at European University CONEXUS)


Members of the Coastal and Marine Management Group at the Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, Germany, and the Marine Research Institute at Klaipeda University, Lithuania

  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Schernewski (head)
  • M.Sc. Gabriela Escobar Sanchez
  • Dr. Mirco Haseler
  • Dr. Sarah Piehl
  • M.Sc. Lukas Ritzenhofen
  • M.Sc. Esther Robbe
  • M.R.M. Johanna Schumacher
  • Dr. Miriam von Thenen

Concept and implementation

The course is a joint effort of the Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde Germany and the Marine Research Institute at Klaipeda University, Lithuania. The implementation took place in cooperation with the Further Education Center and the video/studio-service of the IT- and Media-Centre at Rostock University (Marcus Müller).

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