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Since October 2013, the Rostock International House has hosted the Tandem-Programm at the University of Rostock.

We want our international students to feel at home in Rostock and we offer the students, which have already established themselves, an opportunity to apply their language skills and take part in intercultural learning. In addition to the one-to-one exchanges, we organize intercultural workshops tandem parties, international cultural evenings and other events.

A tandem consists of two persons. If, for example, you want to learn Spanish, we look for a native speaker who can help you in learning the language and can boost your language skills.

But the Tandem-Programm is not just language exchange! If you would like to help a new student in settling into the new city and the orientation of the university, you in the right place with us!


Fill out our online form. When we receive your application, we will look at it closely. We will look for a tandem partner who speaks your preferred language and corresponds to your interests.

How often and where you meet is up to you!


Tandem-Office hours:
By appointment via e-mail
Location: Rostock International House, Kröpeliner Str. 29, R202

E-Mail: tandem.rih(at)uni-rostock.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tandem.rostock