The Tandem-Programm

Since October 2013, the Rostock International House has hosted the student initiative Tandem-Programm at the University of Rostock.

We want our international students to feel at home in Rostock and we offer the students, which have already established themselves, an opportunity to apply their language skills and take part in intercultural learning.

A tandem consists of two persons. If, for example, you want to learn Spanish, you can find a native speaker who can help you in learning the language and can boost your language skills.

But the Tandem-Programm is not just language exchange! If you would like to help a new student in settling into the new city and the orientation of the university, you in the right place with us!

Margaretha from South Africa, Katharina from Rostock and many others got to know each other through the Tandem Programme.

Attention language enthusiasts!
Find your 'match' at the Tandem Kick-Off!

For the start of the semester, the Rostock International House (RIH) and the Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) would like to invite you to the Tandem Kick-Off!

Come to the Mensa Ulme on April 19 2023 at 7 pm and get to know other people interested in Tandem with whom you can 'match'. Of course there will also be snacks and drinks. We look forward to seeing you!


Michael Paulus

Universität Rostock
Rostock International House
Kröpeliner Straße 29
18051 Rostock


In addition to the tandem programme, the Sprachenabende (language evenings) offer another good opportunity for language practice. They also bring language learners together with native speakers to maintain and develop acquired language skills and to exchange ideas with people from different backgrounds.

The focus is on German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, for which groups will be formed. Native speakers or advanced speakers accompany them. Self-organised groups for other languages are also welcome upon prior agreement.
Overall, the language evenings are a fairly open format:

  • No registration is required. Just come along.
  • No proof of language skills is required. We recommend basic knowledge (at least A2 level).
  • There are no set topics of conversation. But we have material with suggestions.
  • Would you like to speak several languages? You can switch freely between the language areas.
  • Snacks and drinks (typical for the language areas) will be available.
  • Everyone who wants to learn languages is welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!

Lively exchange at one of the previous language evenings.

In the winter semester 2023, there will be three language evenings. They will take place in "Grünes Ungeheuer", Parkstraße 6. They are organised by the Lokale Erasmus Initiative, the Fachschaftsrat der Romanistik (Student Representatives of the Romance Studies Department) and the Tandem-Programm.