On November 22, 1818, the research camp of the University of Rostock took place for the eighth time in the atrium of the Konrad-Zuse-Haus. Sich treffen, kennenlernen, sich informieren und sich austauschen – das ist jedes Jahr der Fokus der interdisziplinären Austausch- und Vernetzungsplattform.

The heart of the event is the popular and traditional Poster Session.  In 2018, in total 80 research projects were presented from seven faculties of the University of Rostock, the Interdisciplinary Faculty , the Leibniz Institutes  (LIKAT, IOW, FBN), the Institute for ImplantatTechnology and Biomaterials e.V. (IIB) asa well as a research project of the University of Greifswald.

After the words of welcome by State Secretary Sebastian Schröder and the rector, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Schareck the Science Camp started with a panel discussion on "How does digitization change my research?". For this purpose, a short film was shot in collaboration with Marcus Müller from the ITMZ, which represents different voices of scientists and encourages further discussion.

Between the Poster Sessions, the Science Slam and the award ceremony of the Photo Competition of the Graduate Academy on "My Research!" took place. The five Science Slam contributions brought quite different performances on the stage.

to the impressions


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Digitization - a term that passes through all areas of life in the present and dominates in public discussions. The context in which digitization is considered has a crucial impact on the interplay of opportunities, challenges and risks. Together with the podium participants, the influence of increasing digitization on research was brought into focus.

Short film - "Your voice for digitization"

What do scientists say about digitization? What aspects do they see in private as well as in relation to their research? In preparation for the panel discussion as part of the Science Camp 2018, we asked 11 scientists.

The answers concerning different areas and range from the BahnApp to data protection.


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Panel discussion - "How does digitization change my research?"

The podium composition:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alke Martens (University of Rostock)
  • Robert Zepf (University of Rostock)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Bill (University of Rostock)
  • Prof. Dr. Rafael Weißbach (University of Rostock)
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer (University of Rostock)
  • Dr. Volkmar Weckesser (CENTOGENE AG)

Moderator was Ms. Kathrin Krüger-Borgwardt from  Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (ZfE). The preliminary statements of the podium participants can be read here (in German).

The panel discussion was in German.


Please note: Once you watch the video, data will be transmitted to Youtube/Google. For more information, see Google Privacy.


Accept challenges! - Besides the traditional Poster Session, a Science Slam took place. Brave scientists had the opportunity to present their research topic in a simple, vivid and entertaining way within three minutes. There were no quidelines for the arrangement of the Slam! In advance to the Science Slam, the participants got the possibility to prepare for their appearance on stage in a workshop that was orginized only for this purpose. The best contribution was awarded with an individual career coaching worth 1.000 €.

The slammer contributions

  • Tanja van Alphen: "Schnitzeljagd – Auf den Spuren der Struktur“
    Factuly of Mathematics and Natural Sciences | Institute of Chemistry
  • Alexandra Pfeiffer & Axel Lorenzen Zabel: "KEEP CALM AND LEARN ON(LINE)"
    Faculty of Agricultural and Enviromental Sciences | Geodesy and Geoinformatic
  • Tanja Auge: "The Theory behind Minimizing Research Data"
    Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering | Institute of Computer Science
  • Mahesh Dhone: "A smart thermal jacket - Warm Up !!"
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Techology | Chair of Modeling and Simulation
  • Franziska Thiel & Jana Marielle Modenbach: "Zellstressbewältigungsstrategien"
    University Medical Center Greifswald | Clinic of Internal Medicine A

The winner

After being judged by the audience, Ms. Tanja Van Alphen won the Science Slam 2018.


Where is my camera! - The Science Camp 2018 was enlarged by the photo competition "My Research!". At the end of the submission deadline, there were fifteen fascinating and promising photographic contributions that afforded a slightly different view of and into the research. A jury decided in the first step on the photo contributions and put together a preselection of the fifth best. Afterwards, all those interested were invited to select their favorite via Facebook.

The contributions in the final selection

No. 1

Alles im Blick - Hau(p)tsache ist viel Information

picture description (in German)

No. 2

Da! Gebliebene!

picture description (in German)


No. 3

Merry Christmas

picture description (in German)

No. 4

Miesmuscheln in Aquakultur

picture descirption (in German)

No. 5

Störung der Ruhe

picture descirption (in German)

The winner

The award for the best photo on the subject of my research was received to Stella Boleslawsky and her team from the field of dermatology of the University Medicine Rostock.