The European University EU-Conexus is an alliance of nine European universities with the objective of facilitating innovative and interdisciplinary research beyond national borders and offering students truly European study programmes. Its thematic focus in research and teaching is on smart urban coastal sustainability.

Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy has set itself the task to promote junior scientists as comprehensively as possible in order to recruit them as the next generation of qualified young professionals for our University. As the central service and coordinating office for junior scientists, the Graduate Academy contributes to improving and developing the conditions for doctoral candidates at our University. To promote the continuing qualification of young researchers, the Graduate Academy offers qualification options for graduate students of all disciplines. On the Website of the Graduate Academy you find more information on our qualification program, membership options, funding opportunities, and current events for young researchers.


The joint project “KarriereWegeMentoring Wissenschaft M-V” is part of the state mentoring initiative, being implemented by both the University of Rostock and the University of Greifswald. The mentoring programme supports highly qualified young female scientists. The central element of the programme is the mentoring relationship between mentor and mentee. In addition, we offer a high-quality seminar programme to our mentees, which is geared towards the specific career path of young female scientists and prepares purposefully for future leadership and management duties.

Patent- und Normenzentrum der Universitätsbibliothek Rostock

The Patents & Standards Centre of the University Library Rostock supports you concerning your research projects and protection of your scientific research results by providing information about patents, by searching patents as well as by monitoring technology fields.

Strategic Research Consulting Unit (S1.1)

The team of strategic research consulting (S1.1) advises and accompanies members of the university on research programs that are particularly relevant to higher education policy, such as EU Horizon Europe (especially ERC grants), as well as DFG Collaborative Research Centers and Research Training Groups.

Team Project Administration (S1.2)

The Project management unit (S1.2) brings together all of the services provided by Central University Administration related to the administrative processes for acquiring, accepting, managing, and closing projects.

Universitätsbibliothek Rostock - Open Access

We support you in the publication of your research results. We inform and advise you about Open Access publishing possibilities and funding possibilities for the financing of any publication fees.

Zentrum für Entrepreneurship

We assist and coach in the fields of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and business succession. Additionally, we offer constest and conferences for creative minds, such as „Inspired“ and MVpreneur Day.


Rostock denkt 365° e.V.

[Rostock denkt 365°] e.V. aims to generate exchange with science stakeholders of Rostock and beyond. It also offers and coordinates a network with stakeholders from science, business, politics, and culture in order to commonly facilitate a dynamic, creative, and cosmopolitan science centre Rostock.

Verwertungsverbund M-V / Universität Rostock Service GmbH

We advise and assist you during the whole process of applying for a patent via exploiting the scientific invention economically. In addition we inform you and your team about the topic of IP rigths within workshops, consulting appointments or similiar.