Scientific Publications: FAQ

What kind of publications can currently be found in the information system "Teaching, Studies and Research" (LSF)?

Publications that have been reported by scientists to the university library and registered in the university bibliography have been retroactively available at the LSF from 2005 on. The university library checks if the publication can be verified and edits a bibliographic set of records in the catalogue system. The allocation of the publication to an institution is done in consideration of the cost center indicated in the registration form.

How can the quality of the data be rated?

The university library collects publication data based on the Alphabetical Categorisation at Scientific Libraries (RAK-WB) and in compliance with the Catalogue Guideline for the Joint Library Association (GBV). Therefore, the quality of the data must be considered high.

How can new publications currently be entered in the LSF?

Currently, new publications can only be submitted to the university library. For this, two options are available:

  1. Individual submissions online via Here, monographs and essays can be collected
  2. Multiple submissions: If you already operate your own publication database at your institutions and would like to submit the publications contained there to the university library, please contact the library beforehand and then you may submit lists to the university library. For further information, please send an e-mail to
Can publication data be exported from the LSF?

Every user, who is signed in, can use the query form for publications and save the list of found publications in BibTeX-format.

Are there any interfaces to access LSF data?

A Typo3 extension was developed to present LSF data within Typo3 websites. This extension allows to presenting, for instance, all publications of a specific author or institution in Typo3. The LSF data will be embedded live in Typo3. Consequently, these publication data do not need to be entered a second time into the own Typo3 web presentation.

A sample page containing LSF data ca be found here.