Offers for Junior Scientists

The Graduate Academy supports their members within the scope of their qualification with an interdisciplinary qualification program.

A further aim of the funding opportunities is to support the scientific exchange and presentation of research results. Members of the Graduate Academy can use up to 500 EUR of their member budget for travel allowances. Further 500 EUR of their member budget can be used by the members for external qualification measures. These include language courses at the Language Centre and collegiate didactic courses on university didactics. In addition, special research methods and IT courses are also financed if they are relevant for the qualification phase and are not offered at the University of Rostock.

Furthermore, the Graduate Academy aims to establish support programmes for young scientists that contribute to maintaining or restoring personal and inner balance in order to be able to cope with professional and private stress situations with self-confidence in the long term.


Financial support options


Resource optimization in dealing with challenges during the doctorate

According to numerous studies, the psychological stress of PhD students is particularly high. Of particular meaning is the working and organization context of the PhD students. Especially the interface between own demands and actual requirements of the tasks, the supervisor´s management, the culture of decision making within the team, prospects about the future career and the compatibility of career and family are important influencing factors for long-term psychological health. The valuation of the onerous situation is decisive for the extent of the burden and the durance of the accompanying feelings. In a state of high psychological stress, the valuation of oneself and the environment is mainly unfavourable. What is perceived are mainly unfavourable events of the past and unfavourable aspects with view to the future.To get out of this downward spiral and enable a change of perspective it is often helpful to look for external support at an early stage.

The Graduate Academy, in cooperation with business psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Ozik-Scharf, offers group discussions to strengthen the self-competence. Based on a trustful handling among the course participants, the format offers a frame for open conversations. The aim is to develop neutral evaluations of stressful situations in the collegiate team under psychological supervision and to increase the own resilience in the long run in order to complete the doctorate in a healthy balance in terms of self-confidence, self-care and self-management.A group consists of 7 to 10 participants, who meet every 2 weeks for half a year (total of 10 meetings, each 120 min). The dates are coordinated within the group at the beginning of the series. In preparation of the first meeting, a first interview with Dr. Ozik-Scharf takes place.

If you are interested in the offer, contact Mrs. Reinheckel (Phone 1022, corina.reinheckel(at)uni-rostock(dot)de).


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