For the first time, the University of Rostock is a partner university of the Nacaps study of the German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW).

Nacaps stands for "National Academics Panel Study" and is a nationwide longitudinal study of doctoral candidates and doctoral graduates.

Nacaps collects detailed information on doctoral conditions and successes, career intentions and career paths, as well as on general living conditions of doctoral candidates and doctoral graduates.

The study is now entering its second round and covers doctoral candidates who have started their doctorate in the past two years.

The 2021 survey started on February 22, 2021. The last reminder for the current Nacaps survey will be sent out on April 08, 2021. Participation in the survey is still possible until April 18, 2021.

7 good reasons for participation:

  • Your experiences shape future decisions.
  • They help to back up arguments with facts.
  • Your personal path counts.
  • You reflect on your own career.
  • You become part of a unique study.
  • You support a research project.
  • There will be a thank you.

Your feedback is important for the work of all graduate programs at the University of Rostock in order to be able to support doctoral candidates and postdocs even more specifically on their individual path during and after their doctorate.

Previous Results of the Survey:

Initial results of the 2019 survey can be found in a publicly available data portal. Additional focus evaluations on topics such as funding, employment, or the health of doctoral candidates, as well as press coverage of the study, can be found at

Who can / should participate?

At the end of February 2021, all doctoral candidates who have been enrolled or registered as doctoral candidate at the University of Rostock in the past two years will be invited by the Graduate Academy of the University of Rostock to participate in the study. If you receive an invitation, we encourage you to participate!

If you are not yet registered as a doctoral candidate and would like to participate in the study, please contact us (gradauni-rostockde). Only through the participation of a broad range of doctoral candidates a complete overview of the doctoral situation can be achieved.

Support this research project with your participation!

What will happen to your data?

With your consent, Nacaps stores your personal contact information in order to contact you for follow-up surveys. This information is stored, separately from your survey information, in a protected area on the in-house servers of the DZHW. The information from the surveys is kept pseudonymous (i.e. without names or address information) for processing. Sensitive information and all open data are specially protected to exclude the possibility of tracing back to individual participants.

More information about data protection at Nacaps is available here.

When can we expect the first results of the 2021 survey?

The results are expected to be available from the beginning of 2022.

If you would like to be informed promptly about the publication of study results, we would recommend signing up for the newsletter distribution list of the Nacaps project team. Publications obtained from the survey will also be announced on Twitter and on the Nacaps website.

For more information on the study visit

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