General information on official attestations

If your application for admission requires any attested copies of official documents, please note the following advices:


Please check carefully if your attestations comply with the specified requirements listed below. Should the attestations not match these criteria, the University of Rostock does not admit the documents and is compelled to reject your application on formal reasons.

Who is authorized to attest your documents?

Attestations can be made by any official authorities that carry an official seal. These include administrative bodies, notaries or churches under public law. Usually you get attested copies of original documents from your municipal administration. Abroad you can get official attestations from the German diplomatic missions (embassies). The University of Rostock does not admit attestations from institutions such as health insurance companies, banks or savings banks, clubs or other associations, lawyers or auditors.

Official attestations must have

Official attestations must have

  • a note to certify that the copy or transcript corresponds to the original (attestation clause),
  • a signature of the attesting person,
  • the date of the attestation and
  • a clear and legible print of the official seal

An official seal consists of an emblem, the name or designation of the administrative office itself and an official number. A simple address stamp is not sufficient.

Attestations of multi-page copies

If a document consists of several single sheets, it is required to prove that each page belongs to the same certificate. It is suffice to mark only one page with the attestation clause and the signature if all pages are stacked or stapled on top of each other in a way that each sheet carries a part of the official seal.

Of course it is entirely possible to attest each page separately. In this instance please make sure that each page of the original document carries your name. Otherwise the name must be put into the attestation clause along with a note about the nature of the document.

Legal notice

Forging credentials or other application documents is a crime and will be reported to the police. It is sufficient reason to refuse the enrollment or to force a de-registration.