Application for non-German prospective students of higher study semesters

Non-German prospective students who already have proof of academic achievements for their intended course of study either on the University of Rostock or any other domestically or abroad institution of higher education and seek entrance to a higher study semester will have to apply.

Application periods

Winter semester: between June 1 to July 15 each year.
Summer semester: between December 1 to January 15 each year.
Please note that the University of Rostock cannot accept delayed applications.

Application sequence

To apply for a course of study in a higher study semester you have to bring proof of your previous academic achievements. How to do this depends on your intended course of study and your earlier study. Please note our information regarding the ► approval of previous study credits. The approval is not to be confused with the admission. The application is made for the study semester you intend to access. Subject-specific requirements are listed in the study or examination regulations. For Human medicine and Dentistry this is regulated through the statute about the admission of study. Please note our advice regarding the selection procedure of the University of Rostock (see below). Teaching operations on the University of Rostock is organized in academic years, starting with the winter semester. Applicants should therefore take into account that only uneven study terms are offered in winter semesters and even study terms in summer semesters.

Bachelor and State examination

Applications for higher study semesters of Bachelor or State examination courses will be made via the Application for admission for non-German students. Please fill and sign this application form and submit it on time along with the required documents. Missing documents can be handed in until September 10 of the year for winter semester respectively March 10 of the year for summer semester along with an appropriate annotation. Please submit the application form along with all listed documents until July 15 respectively January 15 of the year to the above mentioned address.

Please don’t staple the documents and hand them in, in minimal size of A5.

Confirmation of arrival can only be given if a prepared and post-paid postal card is attached with your application.

The handed in documents will after process be destroyed. In your own interest please do not enclose your original documents, only certified copies in original.

Human Medicine and Dentistry

Information on the application for a higher semester of study of Human medicine and Dentistry can be found here.

Selection procedure

Selection for higher study semesters is regulated as per Article 5 paragraph 2 and 3 of the Higher Education Act of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and in accordance with the statutes of the University of Rostock about Study admissions. Thus available study places are allocated to applicants who brought forth the credits listed in the study or examination regulations. Applicants who were enrolled for the intended course of study in an EU Member State will be given priority.

If you receive your admission for a first term course of study and have proof of previous study credits you will not be upgraded automatically. You have to file an application and take part in the regular selection procedure for higher study semesters at the moment of application as university changing student.

Please note: Student teachers with academic achievements accountable have to make known their university or study course change immediately after their enrollment to the ZPA (Zentrales Prüfungsamt für Lehrämter – Central Examinations Office for teachers).

List of mandatory documents

Mandatory documents for Bachelor and State examination courses
  • Application for admission to German university for international applicants with foreign academic qualification ► German, ► English
  • attested copies of all certificates that qualify for university admission in your home country (please make sure to bring copies of the original documents as well as a German or English transcript),
  • attested copies of all university reports and diplomas (please make sure to bring copies of the original documents as well as a German or English transcript),
  • proof of German language skills as required for the requested course of study► [please find further information in this PDF]
  • notifications of the responsible exam office or departmental advisory office about the accountable time of study and exams for the requested course of study so far (Anrechenbarkeitsbescheinigung)
  • for study teachers only: proof of participation in the ► self-examination process CCT