Alumni associations

In recent years, independent alumni organisations have emerged at individual institutes or faculties, which are particularly concerned with the needs of their own graduates and demonstrate sympathetic closeness and expertise.

Rostock Alumni International (RosAlInt)
The initiative is aimed at international alumni of the University of Rostock and those who want to become part of an international alumni network. It promotes personal and professional exchange between alumni, students and staff.
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Association of Former Rostock Students e.V.
VERS was founded in Tübingen in 1957 by former students of the University of Rostock. They had left the Soviet occupation zone or the GDR for political reasons, some only after long years in prison. VERS is a free, independent association of former members of the University of Rostock. Membership can also be acquired by other persons if they embrace the aims of the association.
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Rostock Friends of Classical Studies e.V.
The association aims to promote and deepen the study of the culture of Greek and Roman antiquity in Rostock.
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Freundes- und Förderkreis Maschinenbau/Landtechnik an der Universität Rostock e.V.
Der Verein wurde 2004 von Mitarbeitern und Absolventen der ehemaligen Sektion Landtechnik und deren Nachfolgeeinrichtungen gegründet. Er widmet sich der Traditions- und Kontaktpflege und möchte den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs bei der Aus- und Weiterbildung fördern.

Friends and Sponsors of Mechanical Engineering/Agricultural Engineering at the University of Rostock e.V.
The association was founded in 2004 by staff and graduates of the former Agricultural Engineering Section and its successor institutions. It is dedicated to maintaining tradition and contacts and aims to support young academics in their training and further education.
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Alumni Med Rostock e.V.
Alumni-Med is an association that was founded in 2004 to bind alumni, whether students or lecturers, to the faculty beyond their studies and to make it easier for them to establish contact.

Physics Alumni Rostock e.V.
The association "Physik-Alumni Rostock" was founded on 07 February 2007. The purpose of the association is to promote science, research and teaching. The association has made it its special goal to strengthen the bond of former students and staff with the Institute of Physics, its current students, doctoral candidates and staff.
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ALUMNI Association Rostock Political Science e.V.
The ALUMNI-Verein Rostocker Politikwissenschaft e.V. was founded in May 2006 as an initiative of students and graduates of the Institute for Political and Administrative Sciences. It has set itself the task of building up a network of former students and lecturers as well as current students and lecturers of the Institute in good university tradition and thus contributing to communication between alumni and prospective academics.
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Historical view of the University Square by Karl Eschenburg
Historical view of the University Square by Karl Eschenburg