Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Prommer

Prof. Elizabeth Prommer (Photo: Tom Wagner).
Photo: Tom Wagner.

The rector represents the university externally.
She chairs the Rectorate, assigns the Rectorate members their areas of responsibility and has the authority to issue directives.
The Rector has legal supervision over the other organs, bodies and officials of the University. She is the supervisor of the university staff with the exception of the Chancellor.
The Rector exercises domestic authority and the power of order.

Universitätsplatz 1 | 18055 Rostock
Phone:  +49 381 498-1000

Personal Assistant to the Rector

Isabella Gatzke
Phone:  +49 381 498-1004
Fax:  +49 381 498-1006


Office of the Rectorate

Ines Bergknecht
Phone:  +49 381 498-1005
Fax:  +49 381 498-1006


Carola Krüger
Phone:  +49 381 498-1007
Fax:  +49 381 498-1006


Press and Communication Office

Dr. Kirstin Werner (Press spokeswoman)
Phone: +49 381 498-1013


Dr. Kristin Nölting (Deputy press spokeswoman)
Tel.: +49 381 498-1021