Demonstrating Funds

Please note that non-EU citizens must demonstrate during the visa application and while still in their home countries sufficient funds for the cost of living in Rostock. EU citizens are not required to demonstrate sufficient funds. Sufficient funds to cover the cost of living in Germany may be demonstrated through:

  1. Proof of Stipend
  2. A savings account with a bank in Germany (with a balance of at least 10.236 Euros for one year). As the precise figure varies with the region in Germany, we advise you to inquire at the German Embassy in your country when determining the exact amount.
  3. Further Possibilites:
    • Table of income and expenses from parents
    • Guarantee from a bank
    • Guarantee from a German citizen (declaration of commitment)

As for the exact requirements for demonstrating funds in your personal case, please inquire at the German Embassy in your own country.


Financial support for students and applicants from abroad is unfortunately quite limited. Please note that German universities in general do not offer stipends.

Graduation Scholarship Stibet

Sponsored by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office, the Rostock International House (RIH) awards scholarships every six months to students who intend to complete their studies (Bachelor/Master) or their doctorate in the current semester and are facing financial challenges.

Further funding opportunities

In addition to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), there are many private endowments that can support certain students from abroad meeting certain criteria, each on an individual basis. You can make an appointment for an individual advisement with either the study abroad representatives in your own country or in the Rostock International House.

Here is a selection of the largest financial support organisations for students from abroad:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers further a stipend databank for students from abroad and students from within Germany, in which you can search for support that matches you.

The department of „Gender and Diversity“ of the University of Rostock also provides stipends (scholarship programs) for doctoral students and postdocs:

Tuition at the University

There is no tuition at the University of Rostock. Students pay only a semester fee once each semester.

This fee is collected for the services of the "Studierenden-werk", for students' unions at the university and for the "Semesterticket", which allows every student to use local public transportation. This ticket for the RSAG public transport is good for the whole semester and works for bus and rail within the entire metropolitan area, as far as the beach in Warnemünde and for ferries across the Warnow.

Information about the current semester fee

Working during your stay in Germany

In Germany students are allowed to work while studying, so long as this work does not exceed 120 total, or 240 half, days per calendar year. Students from EU/EEA countries may work up to 20 hours per week during lecture periods, just like German students. The 26-week rule also applies, in which the 20 hours may be exceeded, provided they are completed at the weekend, in the evening, at night or during the lecture-free period (semester break).

You can find further further information about the stipulations on the DAAD website.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Rostock is roughly 853 Euros monthly, and each student must somehow arrange to privately meet this cost. When working out your own table of personal expenses, be sure to include the regular costs of the university semester fee, health insurance, living arrangements, and educational materials. »Read more about financing study«