Conditions of Participation for Qualification Courses offered by the Graduate Academy



The qualification program of the Graduate Academy is principally open to all staff members of the University of Rostock for further education.

Registrations are made individually via the registration form on the Graduate Academy’s website and shall be binding with reception by the Graduate Academy. A registration of several persons is not allowed.

The principle first come, first served applies here. The Graduate Academy’s office will confirm the registration by email. In case the number of registrations exceeds the course capacity, the registrations will be considered in the order of reception when selecting the course participants.

The participants acknowledge the conditions of participation of the Graduate Academy and undertake to pay the fees.

The course is held if seven registrations minimum were made. In case this minimum number of participants has not been reached two weeks before the date scheduled for the course, the graduate academy reserves itself the right to cancel the course. Any further claims shall be excluded. Furthermore, the University of Rostock reserves itself the right to cancel the workshop for important reasons. As a rule, this is done one week before course start latest. 

The information provided in the registration form will be forwarded to the lecturers for preparation purposes.

Certificate of Attendance

If a participant took part 75% minimum in the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued and handed over directly after the course.

After termination of the membership in the Graduate Academy, every member gets an overview on the courses attended in the context of the membership.


A resignation from the registration is possible up to 10 days prior to the event. A full fee refunding is possible after declaring the resignation in due time and in writing, which can also be done by email. Later cancellation (e.g. in case of illness) requires a certificate.

In case of unexcused absence we have to charge the person for the entry charge (for members via their budget, for non-members in the form of a bill). - The Graduate Academy will contact the participants again 14 days

The Graduate Academy will contact the participants again 14 days prior to the event.

In case of repeated unexcused absence, the Graduate Academy reserves the right to exclude the participant from any further applications to events or promotion opportunities offered by the Graduate Academy for a time of six months.

Cancellation of courses

In case the envisaged course lecturer short-term does not hold the class (e.g. in case of illness), the Graduate Academy reserves itself the right to employ an equivalent lecturer where possible. Changes of date or program sequence may occur in exceptional cases.

Participation fees:

Based on § 3 of the statutes of the University of Rostock on collecting university fees, contributions and compensations (University Fee Statutes) related to its Annex 2, point 2, participation fees are charged for qualification courses. The fee amount is indicated in the relevant course description. Free courses are accordingly marked.

Possibly occurring travel, accommodation and catering costs must always be fully paid by the participant himself/herself.

Payment mode

Graduate Academy members may finance their participation fee via the member budget provided by the Graduate Academy. These costs are booked via the Graduate Academy office.

Participants who are not Graduate Academy members get a notification of charges. The course title and the related amount of fees are indicated there. The full amount must be transferred by the due date indicated on the notification to the indicated bank account. Payments by installment are not allowed.

Exclusion of liability

Insurance cover by the University of Rostock for course participants exists only up to the level of legal accident insurance coverage. The University of Rostock is not liable for any property or pecuniary losses that occur during the relevant course duration.  

In case single terms of this contract turn out to be or to become invalid, this does not affect the validity of any other terms of the contract. The contract partners undertake to replace invalid terms by new regulations that meet the regulation of the invalid term in a legally permissible way.

Data protection

With their registration, the participants agree to provide those personal data that are needed for registration, course participation, examinations and the use of institutions of the University of Rostock for administrative purposes and for official statistics. These data are treated confidentially and not forwarded to any third parties.

Rostock, 9th May 2018