Perspectives for humanities and social scientists and alternatives for teachers

Students and graduates in the humanities and social sciences often find it more difficult than other departments to position themselves professionally. However, they do not have to hide behind them because high analytical competences, structured and process-oriented thinking belong to their skills as well as strengths in personal and linguistic competence, strategies for well-structured information and knowledge management. For a clearer insight into the fields of work and career opportunities of the humanities and social sciences, we have put together a collection of links on these pages.

Fields of work for humanities scholars - alternatives for teachers

To find one's own profession

In the publication of the Kiel Employment Agency, you get a great insight into the fields in which humanities scholars are needed and employed.

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Labor market: Education - Culture - Social affairs

The job market of an industry in one magazine

The “Wissenschaftsladen Bonn” (wila-bonn) publishes every week the complete job market for humanities, cultural and social scientists in a magazine. In addition to several online exchanges, hundreds of specialist magazines and daily newspapers are summarized in this publication.

The jobs are sorted by the service by occupational fields and cities, so that you as an academic can get a quick overview of possible fields of application.

The complete job magazine - weekly updated - you get:

You will also find a small section of current vacancies free of charge in

Job boards for humanities and social scientists

Innovation, product development and start-up

"Analytical competence, as well as structured and process-oriented thinking are a great basis for the realization of your own business idea or represent an enrichment in any startup team. Therefore, we would be pleased if humanities scientists consider this in the future as a real alternative We also support this worthwhile path. " - Quote >> Entrepreneurs Club Rostock (ECR)

There are no limits for your creativity!

Advice for start-up entrepreneurs in the field of cultural and creative industries can be obtained from Kreacon. Since 1995, Kreacon has been supporting freelancers in a sector-specific, competent, individual and uncomplicated manner. From the orientation, the business start up in all later stages of personal, strategic and entrepreneurial development they support nationwide.


[Translate to English:] Das Schreiben von Karriereblogs wird immer populärer und kann bei der Jobsuche und Selbstreflexion sehr hilfreich sein. Einen Überblick geben die nachfolgenden Blogs:

For example, Svenja Hofert, career couch and book author, has been writing on her career blog for ten years on working life, HR, leadership and team topics.


The use of social media can also be done when looking for a job. On the career blog of Lars Hahn and Martin Salwiczek you will find a variety of useful tips.


New approaches in the field of career orientation, recruiting and employer branding will be presented on the Recrutainment Blog.


Mentors - role models - contact persons

for Humanities, Social Sciences & Good Governance

Professionals provide insights into their careers and are available for questions and information on occupational fields and career opportunities. The Rostock mentoring list was created during CareerSail 2012.

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