A student’s membership in the University of Rostock expires when the enrollment is finished (=exmatriculation).

Proper exmatriculation

If you intend to terminate your studies under the normal procedure, you must file a Deregistration Request Form. Please use the available download form and submit the form signed by the required bodies (release statement of the department, library and computer center) and attach all other requested documents before you forward the application to the Student’s Office.

The application’s receipt date at the Student’s Office and/or a date in the future is deemed as effective date. You may not be exmatriculated retroactively!

Alternatively, you can send your documents by ordinary mail to the Student’s Office. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope so that we can return your certificate of exmatriculation and certificate for the national pension fund.

If you have re-registered beforehand you must also include your study documents (student ID and semester ticket) along with a Request for Reimbursement of the Semester Fee and the Deregistration Request Form. Semester fees for the following semester may only be refunded, if you submit your application for exmatriculation before semester start, i.e. by 30 Sept and/or 31 March of the current year.

Please note the following:

Only if you have filed a due exmatriculation, you will get the certificate of exmatriculation and the certificate for the national pension fund. Failed re-registration is not accepted as due exmatriculation procedure.

Enrolled students, who wish to start a secondary or post-graduate study at the university do not have to file an application for exmatriculation. They are advised to file an application for transfer and/or admission. Students who wish to be enrolled in a Master's degree after completing a bachelor's degree should apply for a transfer to a master's degree.

Exmatriculation initiated by the university (ex officio)

On behalf of the university, an exmatriculation according to the enrolment regulations of the University of Rostock dated 15 September 2004 is implemented if

  • The enrolment was induced by force, wilful deceit or bribery
  • The intended certificates were not presented
  • No right to examination for the current study course exists anymore and no re-enrollment took place, i.e. the student has definitely failed an examination required by the examination regulations or definitely not provided performance records required by the study regulations.
  • Payments due in the contexts of re-registration were not made, i.e. the student cannot prove the payment of due fees and contributions to the university despite of reminder and setting a grace period
  • Students have used facilities of the University of Rostock for offences

Even if an exmatriculation ex officio took place, a later enrolment is possible provided that the reason for the desired study course does not exist anymore or an enrolment in another subject is possible.

In accordance with § 17, para 8 of the State University Act – LHG M-V the enrolment ends by the end of the term in which a student received his/her final certificate or this final certificate was sent to the  last declared address of the student.

Important remark

Please not that in cases of exmatriculations ex officio no exmatriculation certificates or pension certificates related to the duration of university education will be issued.

Due to this, we recommend to implement a proper exmatriculation in any case.