Tycho Brahe as poet

Throughout his life, Tycho Brahe was devoted to poetry and he even left some own poetic opuses. Most of them are scattered throughout his scientific publications. Sculptures, pictures and verses written by him decorate the walls of the castle.

Tycho Brahe describes the charms of his betrothed to the King Frederik II of Denmark and Norway:

Kein Sternenglanz strahlt dort am Himmel
So klar auf dieses Weltgetümmel,
Als mir Christinens Angesicht!
Der Sonne zartes Morgenlicht
Erreicht den Blick der Augen nicht;
Den Prachtglanz zeigt an seinem Adler
Sein Flügel, wie das Zedernbraun;
Die Haut ist blendend weiß zu schaun;
Rein zeigt ihr Herz sich jedem Tadler.

No starshine gleams from heaven's shrouds
So clear on Gaea's frantic crowds,
As does Christine's face on mine!
The sun's soft morning shine
One's eyes cannot divine;
The splendid sheen shows on his erne
His wing as brown as cedar tree;
Complexion gleaming white to see;
Pure heart, and  judge however stern.

At the entrance to Stjerneborg (Star Castle), his underground observatory, visitors were greeted with the following verses: 

URANIA hæc cernens terrestria coelitus antra,
Quæ nova sub terris techna paratur? ait.
Delapsa ingreditur: cæli quid Sidera celo,
Rursum ait, en tellus in mea Sacra volat?
Hic terræ in gremio quicquid seclusit Olympus
Panditur, has latebras Sidera nulla latent.
Quorsum opus immenso Cælos distare receßu,
Curve tot abstrusis Æthera volvo rotis?
Si penetrant humiles mea celsa Theatra cavernæ,
Ima etiam Tellus si dat in Astra viam.

URANIA, glimpsing this cave from heaven quoth:
"What prank is this below the clay?"
And gliding down came in to say: "Wherefore celestial orbs conceal,
If Earth into my sanctum steal?
That which in the sky is hid, espied from out the Earthly womb.
For stars no nook is left nor yet remains a secret room.
What use the heavens' far-flung sites,
Abstruse and twisting orbital flights,
When they, from out this Earthen centre
My vasty star stage unbidden enter?"