1918 to 1932


The right to award doctorates, associated with the chancellorship, was transferred to the faculties, and work began on a new constitution.

25. to 27.11.1919

The five hundred year anniversary of the University, planned for 12 November 1919, had to be postponed due to traffic difficulties. Scholars from formerly hostile foreign countries were not invited, in acknowledgement of the extensive isolation.
On the occasion of the anniversary, the state government established: three full professorships, three extraordinary professorships and three seminars, and handed over the former Grand Ducal palace (excluding the baroque hall) to the University.

Ceremony on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the University


The Dental Institute, privately run by Johannes Reinmöller, was recognised by the state and taken over by the University as the University Dental Clinic.


A draft statute submitted in mid-July 1921 was not confirmed by the state government. It still reserved the right of ultimate supervision of the University. The deliberations continued and dragged on for years.


The Department of Economics, which had previously been part of the Faculty of Philosophy, was integrated into the Faculty of Law, which, from then on, was run as a Faculty of Law and Economics.


Adoption of the building of the former ducal office at Wismarsche Straße 8, Toitenwinkel, in which the Geological State Institute was accommodated, for the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy.


Commissioning of the new building of the University Surgical Clinic (Massmann-Strasse, now Schillingallee) and the Pathological Institute, Strempelstrasse (construction of both started in 1914, continued during the First World War, but construction activity was delayed in the post-war years).


The lengthy consultations between the state government and the University on the drafting of the University Constitution came to an end, and the new Brunstäd Constitution came into force on 01 July 1932. However, it was repealed just one year later.

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