Personnel documents for future alternate professors


Referat Personalservice
Schwaansche Str. 2
18051 Rostock
E-Mail: dezernat.personaluni-rostockde


A personnel file is created for all alternate professors of the University of Rostock. The handling of personal data is governed by the provisions of the Federal State Data Protection Act (Landesdatenschutzgesetz; DSG M-V). All alternate professors have the right to inspect their personnel files or to obtain information regarding the storage of their personal data.

The following documents become part of the personnel file or are required so that we can arrange for your pay to be paid by the State Finance Office (Landesamt für Finanzen). For the following linked documents you will always find the English translation first, followed by the German form.

Please always print and sign only the German pages, the translation is only intended to help you understand the documents.

Documents for your personnel file

Please provide certified copies of your training certificates or your study certificate (e.g. Master's degree) as well as your doctorate and habilitation and submit them to the Personnel Service. You may also submit copies of the documents together with the original to Personnel Services so that we can note that they are identical to the original. All other certificates and documents you may submit as copies.

  • Personal information form
  • CV
  • Photograph
  • Criminal record certificate (original, can be submitted later)
  • Civil status certificates
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
    • Children’s birth certificates (if applicable)
  • Proof of nationality or presentation of passport or identity card
  • Residence title (Aufenthaltstitel) (if applicable)
  • Evidence of educational qualifications, if available:
    • Studies (Bachelor, Master, Diplom)
    • Career and state examinations
    • Doctoral certificate
    • Postdoctoral qualification
    • Certificate of previous civil servant status
Documents for your salary payment

Please note that, due to the processing deadlines, only a proportion of your salary may be paid in the 1st month of your employment. Furthermore, your IT and e-mail user account will be created automatically. Please be patient in individual cases. You will receive the access data as soon as possible by post to your department.