Personnel documents for future employees


Personalservice (S41) (human resources S41)
Schwaansche Str. 2
18051 Rostock
E-Mail: personalserviceuni-rostockde


A personnel file is created for all employees of the University of Rostock. The legal basis for the collection of personal data during the application and recruitment process is the State Civil Service Act (LBG) and the Collective Agreement for the Public Service of the Federal States (TV-L). The handling of personal data is governed by the provisions of the State Data Protection Act (DSG M-V). All employees have the right to inspect their personnel files and to receive information on the storage of their personal data.

The documents listed below become part of the personnel file. They are necessary for the payment of your salary by the State Office of Finance.
In the case of new recruitment, all the documents must be submitted in full.

Documents for your personnel file

Please provide copies of your education certificates or your degree certificate (e.g. Bachelor's or Master's) and (if available) your doctorate and also bring the originals with you to sign the contract so that we can note that they match the original. Any other certificates and documents can be submitted as copies.

Please understand that it is not possible for examination offices etc. to forward certificates obtained at the University of Rostock to the „Personalservice“ (human resources) for data protection reasons.

Documents that you have already submitted with your application (e.g. CV and certificates) do not need to be resubmitted (except originals of certificates).

  • Personalbogen ; personal information sheet
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • passport photo (optional)
  • civil status documents
    • birth certificate
      if applicable:
    • marriage certificate
    • certificates of children (please submit two copies)
  • presentation of passport or identity card
  • residence permit/ visa
  • all obtained proof of educational qualifications:
    • in copy:
      • high school diploma
    • in copy and presentation of the original:
      • education certificate; if available training certificate with final grade,
      • degree (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, University of Applied Sciences)
      • professional and state examinations
      • doctorate certificate
      • habilitation
      • etc.
  • references from previous employers
  • proof of periods of military or civilian service (integration certificate)
  • Antrag auf Nebentätigkeitsgenehmigung ; application for authorisation for secondary employment
  • (extended) police clearance certificate (only to be applied for if the „Personalservice“ (human resources) requests this from you; please submit the original)
Documents for your salary payment

Please ensure that you print and submit the forms for the salary documents in the correct format (DIN A4). Other formats will not be accepted by the State Finance Office when transferring your salary.

Please only ever submit the german documents.

Information on printing the following forms: After completing the form, please click on the PDF button at the top (centre next to the house symbol) and then on "show printout". You only need to print out the PDFs.

We do not require a membership certificate from the health insurance fund, but please state the exact name of the health insurance fund in the declaration for verification of exemption from insurance. Enter your telephone number or e-mail address on the first page so that the State Finance Office can contact you if they have any queries and payment of your remuneration is not delayed. Please enter your pension insurance number (also known as your social insucrance number). You can request this number free of charge from your health insurance fund or from the pension insurance fund at

If you do not yet have a rights insurance number, please state the name of your health insurance fund and your telephone number/ e-mail address in case of queries.

Only for academic employees

The VBL insurance is a compulsory insurance that every employee hired under the collective agreement must take out at the start of the contract.

Academic employees can decide whether they wish to switch from compulsory insurance to voluntary insurance (VBLextra). A general exemption from the VBL is not possible; instead, only the compulsory insurance (VBLklassik) is converted into a voluntary insurance (VBLextra). The application must be submit within 2 months of the start of the employment relationship at the HR department.

When your employment relationship begins (in the case of new employment or reemployment with an interruption of one day or more), you will initially be registered with the VBLklassik. If you apply for exemption from compulsory insurance in the supplementary pension scheme, you will be (written) deregistered from the VBLklassik and (written) registered with the VBLextra with a slight delay. If you have any further questions or require more detailed information on the subject of VBL, please contact the VBL directly.


    If applicable:

    • Contract for deposit under employer-sponsored savings plans for specific purposes (vermögenswirksame Anlage) with deposit receipt
    • Holiday certificate from previous employer
    • Declaration regarding the allowance for the health insurance contribution, (form from your health insurance company).

    In the case of re-employment, submit the following documents:

    • In the case of an interruption of one day or more, only one re-registration with the VBLextra is necessary, provided that you were a scientific employee at the University of Rostock during your last employment and had opted for the VBLextra. Please refer to your VBL documents for information on whether you were insured under VBLextra or VBLklassik.
    • Other documents or forms are only necessary if there have been changes since your last employment (e.g. marriage, change of bank details, etc.).

      After an interruption of 6 months or longer, please resubmit all documents and forms, except for certificates and civil status certificates that you had already submitted in the past.
    Informations on pay, VBL, accomodation, PhD enrolment

    Addresses and tips for your accommodation, registration (local office, bank, tax office, etc.) and much more can be obtained from the Welcome Centre of the University of Rostock and the Welcome Centre of the Hanseatic City of Rostock.

    The collective agreement (TV-L) and the current pay tables are available online.

    Please refer to the VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder), VBLclassic and VBLextra for information regarding the VBL. Please clarify any questions in advance directly with the VBL.

    For further details on the topics of pay grades/pay grades, payroll accounting, annual special payment, anniversary bonus and capital formation benefits, we recommend that you visit the pages of the State Office of Finance (LAF).

    Please allow for the fact that your first salary payment can usually only be made after a few weeks, as you can only apply for the necessary data (e.g. tax identification number) in Germany.

    If you would like to enrol as a PhD student, please refer to the website of the Student Administration Office for information on the process and the necessary documents.