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The family office provides information sources, advice centers and their contact persons at the University of Rostock concerning different aspects of reconciling studies, work and family on its website.

Being a family friendly university means offering flexible working hours, supporting students and employees caring for their relatives, finding individual solutions and paying more attention to the compatibility of family life and work. Moreover, it also means creating more tolerance and being open to new perspectives.

We therefore invite you to exchange ideas with us. Share best practice examples. Tell us what you have experienced. Because praise and criticism are important for constant further development.

We are looking forward to your proposals and ideas on the topics:

  • study with child(ren)
  • work with (child(ren)
  • research with child(ren)
  • childcare
  • flexible organisation of working time
  • loyalty management
  • projects that can advance th compatibility of studies/work and family life

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Mo 9 - 12 Uhr
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Leiter AG Audit-
familienfreundliche Universität

Herr RD Andreas Tesche

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