Service Center Personnel and Organizational Development (S3)

The range of services offered by the Personnel and Organizational Development Service Center includes the following ongoing offerings and measures

  • Introduction of the campus management system HISinOne (S31),
  • Personnel development for scientists including junior scientists (S32),
  • Education, training and continuing education for science support staff (S31),
  • Further development of the support system for studies and research including the introduction of the document management system d.3ecm (S31)

Postal address: University of Rostock, Central University Administration, Service Center for Personnel and Organizational Development, 18051 Rostock

Sybille Hambach

Organizational Development, Team management

  • Conceptual further development of the Agile University Organization model including procedures for job and personnel structure planning as well as the Agile Collaboration toolbox
  • Development, consulting and technical support of measures for holistic organizational development
  • Technical responsibility for organizational, business distribution and file plan
  • Process responsibility and operation responsibility for the service group organizational structure

Heike Kirsch

Academic Staff Development, Team management

  • Conceptual development and design of academic personnel development for scientists in early career phases (Graduate Academy)

  • Contactperson for Nacaps

  • Coordination of the doctoral fellowship program "Unsere Besten promovieren in Rostock"

  • Coordination of the Mare Balticum Fellowship Program

  • Coordination, consulting and support of the UR-wide introduction of the productive operation of DOCATA as well as the further development of DOCATA