Science Support

The scientists of the University of Rostock are supported and accompanied by a competent science support. The Science Support is the contact point for all research and transfer-related issues as well as for all personal concerns that are of fundamental importance for the creation of a research-friendly and research-promoting basis.

The various actors are characterized by their extensive experience, knowledge and networks in their respective fields of activity. As a basic prerequisite for successful cooperation, the actors of the Science Support maintain regular and close contact.

The University of Rostock is committed to its early-career researchers and scientists by creating institutional funding opportunities and by coordinating funding programs of the state M-V and the federal government.

The University of Rostock is committed to its guidelines for research and scientific practice, which take into account its high quality standards, its awareness of scientific responsibility and its idea of free research.

The active participation and membership in research-relevant networks of the University of Rostock serves to expand its scope of action and to open up new information infrastructures. The knowledge and competences are used for the benefit of university research and thus benefit the scientists.

Members of the University of Rostock can also find extensive information on the topic of research funding in the service portal Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick (in German). Since 01.09.2022, the University of Rostock is a member of the network Research, International Affairs and Transfer (FIT) of the University of Kassel. Through the FIT network, all members of the university can use the FIT information service.