Opening of the exhibition "The female Professors of the University of Rostock"

Vernissage on 4.11.2019, 3pm ll University of Rostock, main building

On November 4th at 3pm, the director of the Institute for Media Research, Prof. Dr. med. Elizabeth Prommer and the Vice Rector for Gender Equality Meike Klettke will present the first female professors gallery of the University of Rostock. 47 female professors have entrusted the artist Julia Theek with her portrait photographs, which were digitally edited in such a way that a joint gallery was created, which complement the historical professorial portraits in the Konzilzimmer and the auditorium of the neo-renaissance building.

The University of Rostock looks back on a century-long history, the history of women at the University of Rostock began much later. 110 years ago, the first woman enrolled, in 1947, 72 years ago, the first female professor started working at our university. While the number of female students nowadays is just as high as the number of male students, at the level of the professors this has not yet been achieved: Only every fifth professorship is female, in other management positions a similar picture emerges.

An exhibition on the occasion of the university jubilee should therefore focus on the female professors working at the university. With this exhibition, we want to make the work of the female professors even more visible, to pay tribute to their achievements in and for our university and, last but not least, set an example for female students and doctoral students.

Hirschfeld Lecture: "Homophobia in the camp society: Holocaust, queer desire and continuity of exclusion"

09. Dezember 2019 ll 7 pm in the Aula of the University

The society of Holocaust victims in concentration camps and ghettos is still an under-researched topic in sience. For one thing, historians disagree on whether we can speak of a society at all; on the other hand, the focus is mostly on issues such as solidarity or resistance. However, central categories such as gender, class, ethnicity, age or sexuality are often neglected, through which we can learn something about the functioning of the prisoner society.

The lecture examines and contextualizes the homophobia of the camp society within the Jewish history of the Holocaust. It was neither a continuity of pre-war homophobia nor a reaction to the construction of the "gay Nazi" nor an internalization of homosexual pursuit. As Eschebach has shown, homophobia was a reaction of the inmates who marginalized others in order to establish themselves.

In addition, various forms of same-sex sexuality are explored: romantic, rational, and coercive; between people who are defined as homosexual before and after detention; between victims or between inmates and overseers. After the historian Regina Kunzel is to be shown, why it is important to view a queer sexuality of Holocaust victims as such and not as a "stocked" election.

Finally, it is made clear that the homophobia of the camp society had a long afterlife: queer persons were either concealed or stigmatized as deviant. Their memories are a void in the Holocaust archives worldwide, and the historian who took on the subject felt how unwanted her work is.

The event will be held in german language.

Intercultural Training in Winter Semester 2019/20, 31st of January 2020

Living and working in Germany - Intercultural training for international PhD students and researchers

To successfully tackle the challenges of multicultural academic and professional life, PhD students and researchers have to be able to manage intercultural situations and emerging conflicts effectively. Developing the capacity to mediate differing cultural perspectives is a key determinant of intercultural competence.

Designed as an interactive workshop, the training will provide international PhD students and researchers of the University of Rostock with essential cross-cultural skills for building relationships and working effectively in a multicultural environment. Using hands-on exercises and simulation role-plays, participants will gain an understanding of values and attitudes in German academic life, identify and analyse their personal approaches to different intercultural challenges and increase their intercultural awareness and competence. The participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own culture, discuss personal experiences, ask questions and exchange their views with the other participants.


  • Culture and cultural differences with a focus on academic life
  • Developing intercultural awareness and intercultural competence
  • Adapting to a new culture
  • Stereotypes and prejudice
  • Values and attitudes in German academic life
  • Communication styles and language issues
  • Cross-cultural management skills
  • Good practice for cross-cultural situations at university

Date: Friday, January 31 2020, 09:00 am – 05:00 pm    

Where: Parkstraße 6, 18057, Rostock, Global Café (Room 220) 

Intercultural trainer: Katja Striegler, IQ Netzwerk Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Language:  English
Participants:  10-16 PhD students and researchers                                                                                                     

Participation fee: free of charge
Sign In  for the training until January 20th 2020 via Dr. Uta Buttkewitz (uta.buttkewitzuni-rostockde), Coordination Office for Diversity in cooperation with Welcome Center of the University of Rostock

Diversity-related events at the University of Rostock

November 5th - december 6th 2019  ll  Film series of the Language Center

For the 600th anniversary of the university and the 66th anniversary of the Language Center the film series "From angry to brilliant. Five stories of courage and risk " will be organised in the city-cinema LiWu. The language centre cordially invite all interested parties to exchange views on the films in subsequent discussions with contemporary witnesses, scientists and students of the University of Rostock. More information about the movies you can find here.

November8th 2019 - March 2020  ll  Lecture series "Women in Natural Sciences and (Bio-)Engineering"

The lecture series starts on the 8th of November 2019 and ends on the 13th of March 2020. Starting time is every friday at 2 pm in Hörsaal Ex04, Experimentalgebäude, Albert-Einstein-Str. 2 (Südstadt-Campus). More information about the topics of the single lectures you can find here.

November 26th2019  ll  RIH – Internationaler women get together 5pmin front of the RIH 

Again this semester, the Rostock International House organises the „International women ́s get together”. The events offer the chance for all international women to exchange views on university related topics and to connect with one another.

Dezember5th 2019  ll  X-Mas Party for international students in Peter Weiß Haus

Contact person

Dr. Uta Buttkewitz
Coordinator Welcome Services and Equal Opportunities
Department for Diversity
Universitätsplatz 1, Room 013 
18051 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381 498 1212