Series of Intercultural Trainings

November 8, 2019 to January 15, 2020 ll 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Ulmencampus, House 1, Room 320

The Language Center, in cooperation with the Diversity-Management and the International House of the University of Rostock, offers a series of intercultural trainings for students, doctoral candidates and academic staff. The trainings are offered in German as well as in English. During the workshops, the competence to interact successfully and appropriately with individuals and groups of other cultures is developed and promoted. The participants are sensitized to specific concepts of perception, thinking, feeling and acting of people from different cultures.

You can find more information on the website oft the Language Centre.

Days of action against Anti-semitism

From april 5th until april 25th the days of action against Anti-semitism will be held again at the University of Rostock. The Office for Gender Equality, Diversity and Health Management and the AStA want to contribute to a university-culture in which tolerance and cosmopolitanism are indispensable values. In times when reactionary movements and beliefsystems are experiencing a renaissance, we would like to encourage all university members and those who are interested to grapple with anti-semitic resentments. In particular, young people know anti-semitism exclusively from the school lessons and history books, while it is still socially acceptable today. To draw attention not only to historical, but also to contemporary forms of Anti-semitism, the spectrum of this year's action days ranges from lectures, workshops and city tours to a theatrical performance.


Diversity Day 2018: The University of Rostock shows its flag for diversity

On 5th of June, 2018 the University of Rostock will celebrate the nationwide German Diversity Day, to which all members of the University of Rostock are cordially invited. The University of Rostock is committed to the discrimination free study and working environment and strives for further development of the inclusive university culture, structures and practices. The University of Rostock aims to promote recognition, appreciation and diversity of its members and to support them with their different skills and talents.

Via various internal and external hands-on activities, the Coordinating Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunities as well as other diversity actors at the University of Rostock will show a flag for diversity. The first action will start already on the 1st of June 2018. Both students and employees of the University of Rostock are invited to participate in the diversity training. The training provides you a good opportunity to sharpen your awareness of discrimination mechanisms and to develop different methods for the appreciative use of diversity.

On 5th of June 2018 the program goes on with its varied and informative activities, which will be held  both in the main university building and on the Campus Ulmenstrasse. In the main university building, the team of the family-friendly university meets and greets you in the family office and invites you to share your understanding of a family and your ideas of a diverse and open university. Meanwhile on the Campus Ulmenstraße the visitors can visit the information stands of the Coordination Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunities as well as diverse university groups and inform themselves about the topic of diversity and diversity-related services offered at the University of Rostock. Visitors are invited to take part in a gender and diversity quiz as well as in a variety of interactive activities, i.e. in diversity games. For a successful participation in the activities there are nice prizes to win. Moreover, all those interested can taste delicious international and regional dishes in the university’s canteens.

The awareness-raising workshop for students "Parcours: How does disability feel?" on 6th of June, 2018 completes the program of the 6th German Diversity Day at the University of Rostock. The 90-minute workshop organized by the projects Discrimination free Campus and Inclusive University provides an insight into the topic of disability. With the help of simulators for different forms of disability the workshop participants are invited to go through different stages of the parcours and to master the situations in the academic life that people with disabilities are confronted with. Through "experiencing on your own body" the participants will develop a deeper understanding of the difficulties and existing barriers as well as individual needs of people with disabilities. In the subsequent reflection, the participant will evaluate their experiences and discuss what issues can be taken for their (professional) activity.

All university members as well as the interested public are cordially invited to participate in the events.

We look forward to seeing you!

The German Diversity Day is a nationwide initiative launched in 2012 by the Association Charter of Diversity. The Diversity Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness for the issue of diversity and publicly show the flag for it. The University of Rostock has signed the Charter of Diversity in 2009.

Further information on the 6th German Diversity Day can be viewed here.

Program for the 6th German Diversity Day at the University of Rostock

1.06.2018 09:00-17:00 h Diversity Training* (Coordination Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunities) Universitätsplatz 1, Room 104 (University main building)

5.06.2018 10:00-12:00 h Diversity in the family? The Team of the family-friendly university invites for a conversation (Family-friedly university) Family office Universitätsplatz 1, Raum 015 (University main building)

5.06.2018 11:00-15:00 h Diversity-Infostands and interactive activities (Coordination Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunities, AStA, Ulmenstr. 69 (Green field in front of Audimax)

6.06.2018 17:00-18:30 h Parcours: How does disability feel? Awareness-raising workshop for students (predominantly from Sonderpädagogik) (Discrimination free Campus and Inclusive University)

*Internal Activity, Registration required

On request, we are happy to provide you child care for the time of the events. Please let us know your needs up to two weeks before the event.

5th German Diversity Day 2017

The University of Rostock will celebrate the nationwide Diversity Day on May 30th, 2017, to which all members of the University of Rostock are cordially invited. The focus of this year's events is "Ethnic and Cultural Diversity at the University of Rostock".

Especially for the Diversity Day the Coordination Office for Diversity ad Equal Opportunities has short a film, in which members of the University of Rostock with a migration background introduce themselves and talk about their life in Rostock, draw parallels to their home country and report difficulties in the early days in Germany. In addition to that, the visitors will be able to get information about the diversity services at the university, participate in a diversity quiz and taste delicious international and regional dishes at the university canteen.

With the planned activities the Coordination Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunities of the University of Rostock would like to draw attention to the topic of diversity and thus promote a prejudice-free working and study environment at university. To dare diversity! is the slogan of the 5th German Diversity Day, an initiative of association Charter of Diversity. In April 2009 the University of Rostock signed the Diversity Charter.

The activities dedicated to the Diversity Day will take place on May 30th, 2017 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Mensa Süd (Albert-Einstein-Str. 6a).

We look forward to seeing you!

Further information about the 5th German Diversity Day is available here.

Days of action against sexism and homophobia 2016

The Gender Queer AG regularly once a year organizes a diverse and exciting program on the days of action against Sexism, Homo, Trans *, Inter * and Biphobia (November - December 2016)

During this time, Gender / Queer AG wants to create a framework for informational events, exhibitions and cultural events with its own mix of politics and culture. We want to draw attention to the topic in all its facets and engage in a society in which gender, gender identity and sexual orientation are no longer grounds for discrimination. From workshops and lectures to performances and other formats, a variety of events are in the program.

Days of action against sexism and homophobia 2015

Also this year, the University of Rostock participates in the nationwide action days against sexism and homophobia. From November 6th to 25th, a colorful program awaits you and you!

Organized by the  Gender Queer AG

3rd Diversity Day 2015: 3 actions at the University of Rostock

 For the 3rd Diversity Day 3 actions where organized at the University of Rostock:

  •      Photo project "Our faces. Our diversity. Our university. #diversityUR"
  •      Diversity training for the Rectorate and the AStA
  •      Culinary diversity in Mensa Süd

More than 600 companies and organizations participated in actions for the 2015 Diversity Day. You can find an overview on the website of the Association Charta der Vielfalt e.V.


This year, the University of Rostock participated with a photo project on the 3rd Nationwide Diversity Day. In an exhibition, 22 people, the management and student representation of the University of Rostock were portrayed to show diversity and equal opportunities. Since June 2015, the pictures can be seen on the campus and on the Internet. The entire exhibition Unsere Gesichter. Unsere Vielfalt. Unsere Uni. #diversityUR can be visited until 30 September 2015 at the Studentenwerk Rostock.


Members of the Rectorate and AStA joined a training for Diversity

The Members of the Rectorate as well as the student body representatives from  AStA  completed a diversity training on June 9, 2015, in order to further expand their diversity skills. Thus, the University of Rostock underlined its identification with the motto of the 3rd Diversity Day "Showing the Flag. Stand up for Diversity".

In the implementation process of diversity management, trainings of this kind is of great value. Above all, they raise awareness with regard to the question "What effects does my actions have and do my decisions affect other people?"

Culinary diversity in the canteen: M-V and Africa on a plate

As usual throughout the year, there was also a culinary delight on June 9, 2015. This time regional and international delicacies met on the trays.

The action week "M-V on the plate - fine asparagus time" was supplemented to the diversity day with dishes from West and North Africa.

The gourmet journey began with Moroccan fettuccine and Arabian rider meat and found their destination in Senegal. One could look forward to Poulet Yassa, one of the most famous dishes of West African cuisine.

You will find an overview of the refectories' locations, current menus and information on action weeks on the website of the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar.

Actions for Diversity Day 2014

This year, the variety at the University of Rostock will be experienced in a lyrical and poetic way, highlighting the importance of personal diversity for research and teaching:

  • international poetry on posters: "WHO DOES IT MEAN? in June 2014 on the university campus
  • international poetry evening "Give us a poem" / Diversity-Party on June 3rd at the Rostock International House / Akademisches Auslandsamt Uni Rostock

With these events, the Rostock International House in the International Office and the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity of the University of Rostock support the nationwide day of action, in which companies and organizations participate with more than 400 actions. "Diversity companies!" is the motto of the 2nd German Diversity Day, an initiative of the Association Charter of Diversity e.V. The University of Rostock has been giving its signatory to the Charter five years ago.

The University of Rostock sees diversity as an opportunity. In the sense of an open "university for all", the study and working conditions have to be designed in such a way that every single person can develop their potential and optimally develop their individuality. Come and talk to us.

We look forward to your poems!



Daniela Boltres

Rostock International House

im Akademischen Auslandsamt Universität Rostock

Tel. 0381/498-1189



Diversity Tag an der Universität Rostock

Dr. Kirstin Kastell

Tel.: 0381/498-1042

E-Mail: kirstin.kastell(at)


More information: and


CALL to take part in the poem poster campaign WHO UNDERSTANDS IT?

Participate in the poetry and poster campaign WHO UNDERSTANDS IT? and submit a self-written poem in your native language by 11 May 2014. The most beautiful poems will be published in June 2014 on posters on the university campus. The best three poems will be presented on June 3, 2014 at the Diversity Party in the Rostock International House under the motto SCHENK US A POEM.

Conditions of Participation for the poster campaign WHO UNDERSTANDS IT?

The students and employees of the University of Rostock are eligible to participate.

It is allowed to submit 1 poem per person. Since the poems are published on posters, they should preferably not exceed the size of 20 lines.

The following formats can be submitted: Word documents and audio file / video file

In addition to the title of the poem, please also include your first and last name, your country of origin or the language in which the poem is written, your field of study or profession and your contact details (telephone, e-mail). Since the posters should also contain a German translation, please enclose a translation.

The deadline for submissions is May 11, 2014.

Submission of the contributions by mail to: Daniela Boltres: (at)

A selection of the articles will be published on the internet. The most beautiful poems will be posted on a poster in the University of Rostock in June and presented at a reading on June 3, 2014, as part of the Lyrics Evening at the International Office. The selection is made by a jury consisting of members of the International Office and the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities.

Publication, copyright and usage rights:

The submitters assure that you are entitled to the copyright of the poems alone, they have all rights of use and no rights of third parties are affected. If, however, third parties assert claims for infringement of their rights vis-à-vis the organizer, the University of Rostock, the participant must indemnify and hold the organizer harmless.

With the submission, the submitters of the University of Rostock transfer the non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unlimited right to use their poems on the Internet, in exhibitions and printed publications. In addition, they agree that their poems may be used free of charge by the organizer and the media for the press work surrounding the Diversity Day at the University of Rostock and for the activities of the University of Diversity. All other rights remain with the participant(s). The contributions are used by the organizer for non-commercial purposes only. A transfer for commercial purposes is excluded.

Privacy policy and right of withdrawal:

The data submitted by the submitter will be mentioned when the poems are published and will be passed on to third parties involved (eg magazine editors). The participant expressly declares himself hereby and agrees to a naming in the context of the event and the reporting on it.

The participants are at any time free to revoke their consent to the processing of data and thus to withdraw from the participation. The revocation must be made in writing to the Akademisches Auslandsamt, Kröpelinerstraße 29, 18055 Rostock.

The legal process is excluded. A claim for publication of the contributions does not exist. By submitting a contribution, the submitting parties agree to accept the conditions of participation.

Days of actions against sexism and homophobia 2014

"Discriminating? Not me. Discrimination? Do not concern me."

Universities want to be cosmopolitan and tolerant. Nevertheless, sexism and homophobia exist in universities in different forms, including stereotypical identity requirements as well as discrimination or even violence based on sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.

One consequence of gender equality work in the past decades is that it is now often assumed that equal opportunities have been achieved. The "perceived equality" is high and has grown in recent years. Discrimination appears to be no longer existent, so that there seems to be little need for action. Also at universities.

In fact, the proportion of women in leadership and decision-making positions remains low, family work is poorly valued, and there are still traditional notions of femininity and masculinity. Party posters show half-naked women. Career coaches recommend not to show homosexuality in job interviews, if possible, in order not to reduce the recruitment opportunities. And trans* persons are allowed to choose between women's and men's toilets in public spaces or to stay in front of them with full bladders.

Such disadvantages affect many people. The forms of discrimination are very different; the exclusion mechanisms as well. For example, the naturalization of differences, devaluation, trivialization and marginalization have a similar effect.

With the action days against sexism and homophobia, the University of Rostock and its students would like to draw attention to the topic in all its facets and engage in a society in which gender and sexual orientation are no longer the basis for discrimination.