Department of Operating Technology and Logistics (D3.3)

The Department of Operating Technology and Logistics is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the heating, climate, ventilation, cooling, sanitary, gas, water and waste water systems, the building control system and the electrotechnical facilities of the entire university sector of the University of Rostock. Furthermore, the installation of small-scale new facilities or partial expansions are implemented here. The main task is to ensure safe operation conditions of all university institutions, as far as their functionality depends on these supply facilities. All properties integrated into the building control system are monitored at the dispatcher centre around the clock. The basic technical settings needed for operation in education and research are centrally implemented with the property users. It is one of the department’s core activities to remove failures that occur in the extensive assets as short-term as possible. Other tasks of the departments are the organization and implementation of the entire postal traffic, the implementation of crisis management for the university sector of the University of Rostock and the professional hazardous waste disposal in compliance with environmental protection regulations. 

Fax: +49 381 498-1370

Peter Wickboldt

Head of department (Lz. D3.3)