Subject area electrical engineering (D3.3.1)

The Subject Area Electrical Engineering manages the electrotechnical facilities that can be directly allocated to the building or the assets. This includes the electrical house connection up to the sub-distribution in the single rooms and the final circuit that are parts of the building. Excluded are user-specific “own installations” such as e.g. laboratory equipment or test benches. The subject area has qualified staff with switching authorization for the university’s medium-voltage system. Furthermore, the supervision of the light control in all assets and building in the outdoor areas as well as in the buildings is implemented. 

Fax: +49 381 498-1443

Birger Niemann

Head of subject area (Lz. D3.3.1)

  • Master for electrotechnical facilities

Heiko Giertz

Industrial electrician

Elmar Spaller

Industrial electrician

Bernd Reinick

Industrial electrician