Subject area Hazardous Waste and Environmental Protection (D3.3.5)

Main task of the subject area Hazardous Waste and Environmental Protection is to ensure that hazardous waste is professionally disposed in the university area and that environmental protection provisions are kept. The hazardous waste is provided by the Ensorgungshof (Disposal Yard) with the Stock for Chemicals and Glass. Usually weekly implemented transportations of hazardous goods are organized and implemented from here.

Fax: +49 381 498-1370

Dr. Jeanette Stelter

Head of subject area (Lz. D3.3.5)

  • Waste Disposal
  • Environmental Protection

Nick Hartmann

Offical in charge

Fon: +49 381 498-1408
Mobile: +49 381 461-7707

  • Waste Disposal: Hazardous waste, Disposal journeys