Other accommodation options

WIRO student residences
WIRO Wohnen in Rostock Wohnungsgesellschaft GmbH operates two additional student residences in Rostock:

  • Youth Residences Lichtenhagen
    Furnished 1-bed and 2-bed rooms can be rented, and the monthly rental for students is between € 205.00 and € 245.00
  • Youth and Student House South
    Furnished 1-bed and 2-bed rooms and small flats can be rented. Possible monthly rental costs, depending on the size of the room and the flat, between € 215.00 and € 460.00

Information and contact:Tel.: +49 (0)381 45673910, https://www.wiro.de

Home Company Rostock
Home Company Rostock also rents out furnished rooms and small flats on behalf of private houseowners. In addition to the rent and deposit, you will also have to pay an agency fee to the company.