Equal Opportunities and Diversity Commission

From left to right: Poorya Hemmati, Dr. Uta Buttkewitz, Prof. Dr. Meike Klettke, Dr. Nina Käsehage, Andrea Mellin, Annette Meier, Jutta Türr, Andreas Tesche, Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth, Paloma Cedano de Leon, Prof. Dr. Soham Al-Suadi; Prof. Dr. Katja Koch, Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch, Michael Paulus are missed in the picture.

The University of Rostock considers the fields of internationalization, gender equality, family friendliness, accessibility and lifelong learning as a unit and links them to an integrated diversity management. Therefore, the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Commission was established at the end of 2013. It emerged from the Equal Opportunity Commission, which the Rectorate had appointed in June 2011 in coordination with the Academic Senate.
The Commission for Equal Opportunities and Diversity is committed to equal opportunity in the sense of an open "university for all". Its goals are:

  • Improvement of equal opportunities and the creation of appropriate framework conditions
  • Integration of equal opportunities and diversity in research, teaching and administration
  • Promotion of internationalization at the University of Rostock
  • Prevention of discrimination

The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Commission acts as an advisory body to the university on gender, equal opportunities and diversity issues. It contributes to the strategy development as well as the conception, evaluation and review of equal opportunities and equality promotion measures and controls their implementation, i. a .:

  • Gender equality measures: female professors program of the federal and state governments, research-oriented gender equality standards of the DFG and women's advancement plans of the faculties
  • Target agreements within the family-friendly university
  • Implementation of internationalization measures
  • in the area of accessibility

In addition, it grants university-sponsored grants from the female professor program II of the federal and state governments and acts as a selection committee in the program KarriereWegeMentoring.


The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Commission is composed of one representative each from the professorship, the scientific center, the human resources administration and the student body, as well as representatives of interests and experts for the individual fields of equal opportunities. The Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Gender Equality and Diversity Management leads the Commission.

apl. Prof. Dr. Meike Klettke

apl. Prof. Dr. Meike Klettke

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Gender Equality and Diversity Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Institute of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Soham Al-Suadi

Prof. Dr. Soham Al-Suadi

Faculty of Theology

Chair of New Testament

Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch

Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences

Chair of International Politics

Research Staff
Dr. Nina Käsehage

Dr. Nina Käsehage

Faculty of Theology

Institute of Religious Studies and

Intercultural Theology


Mark Kremer

MSc Mark Kremer

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institute for Physics

Chair for Experimental Solid-State Optics


Science Management
Dr. Uta Buttkewitz

Dr. Uta Buttkewitz (Executive Secretary)

Coordinator Welcome Culture and Equal Opportunity

Office for Diversity, Deputy Director

RD Andreas Tesche

RD Andreas Tesche

Head of Diversity Office

Student body

Vanessa Müller

AStA Unit Gender Equality & Anti-discrimination

Student body

David Zaldivar Hanke

AStA Unit International Affairs

Representatives of interests and experts
Prof. Dr. Katja Koch
Annette Meier
Jutta Türr

Prof. Dr. Katja Koch

Inclusion Commissioner of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Faculty of Arts
Institute for Special Education Development and Rehabilitation
Chair of Pedagogy with the main focus on mental development


Ass. iur. Annette Meier

Equal Opportunities Officer


Jutta Türr

Trust woman, Severely disabled representation

Michael Paulus
Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth
Andrea Mellin


Michael Paulus

Head of International Office / Rostock International House


Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth

Representative for severely disabled and chronically ill students
Faculty of Arts
Institute for Educational Psychology "Rosa and David Katz"
Professor of Educational and Special Education Psychology with a focus on Differential Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics



Andrea Mellin

Member of non-academic staff council