Guest Student Programme

The guest student programme lets students use the facilities of the University of Rostock without being enrolled on a course, for example, if you would like to attend a language course before you begin your studies.

What opportunities does the guest student programme offer?

As a guest student you can:

  • attend lectures on open-admission courses;
  • use the library at the University of Rostock;
  • take courses at the Language Centre;
  • participate in university sports courses

Guest students are not enrolled, so they are not students of the university. This means that they cannot take exams or tests.

Where to apply for the guest student programme?

Anyone interested in the guest student programme can submit an application to the Student's Office.

Universität Rostock

Dezernat Akademische Angelegenheiten


Parkstraße 6

18051 Rostock


Office Hours

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 – 12 Uhr

Tuesday and Thursday 14 – 17 Uhr


Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498-1230

Monday - Thursday 10 – 15 Uhr

Friday 10 – 13 Uhr

E-Mail: studierendensekretariat(at)


How much does the guest student programme cost?

The guest student programme normally costs €43.00. However, refugees are not required to pay this fee.