University entrance qualification

For undergraduate courses at German universities, you must have a university entrance certificate valid in Germany and equivalent to the German "Abitur" (general university entrance certificate). Foreign school-leaving qualifications that are recognised as university entrance qualifications are available on the ANABIN website – the information portal for foreign school-leaving qualifications.

Applicants whose home country school-leaving certificate is not equivalent to the German general university entrance certificate must attend a preparatory college (Studienkolleg) before beginning their course. This is a one-year, subject-related preparatory course at the end of which students take the university entrance qualification assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung zum Hochschulreife). Admission to the preparatory course does not imply that you will be admitted to the university course of your choice. After successfully completing the preparatory course, you must apply for the course you wish to take. There is more information about the application process HERE.

There is no Studienkolleg (preparatory college) in Rostock. You can find information about preparatory colleges in Germany at:

Prospective students with a Bachelor's degree

Applicants with a Bachelor's degree who wish to apply for a Master's should consult the homepage of the respective institute for the academic admission requirements that apply to the Master's programme. You can find an overview of our international Master's programmes here.

Prospective doctoral students

Those interested in pursuing a doctorate at the University of Rostock should contact our Welcome Centre for personal advice on the application process: welcome-center(at)


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