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Dear doctoral candidates and PostDocs, if you would like to introduce yourself and your research topic here as well, just send us an e-mail to gradauni-rostockde.

Discover the EU-CONEXUS Qualification offer for doctoral candidates. EU-CONEXUS is a consortium of nine European universities from France, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Ireland, and Cyprus, along with the University of Rostock. The goal is to facilitate innovative and interdisciplinary research across national borders and offer students a European study experience. The thematic focus is on the sustainability of coastal regions.

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Via our e-mail distribution list, we will inform you about forthcoming events, research grants and funding opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdocs. Non-members can subscribe to the e-mail list. 

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Corina Reinheckel
Head of the Graduate Academy

Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock

Room 127

Phone: +49 381 498-1022

Fabio Silingardi
Responsible staff member

Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock

Room 105

Phone: +49 381 498-1327

Diana Bürger
Student Assistant

Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock

Room 105

Phone: +49 381 498-1605