Coaching program

The coaching program is directed to women in leadership positions and committed female researchers. It is primarily intended as an offer for newly appointed and junior professors to facilitate their entry into the diverse range of tasks and to deepen important competencies for everyday professional life in more detail.

As part of a coaching session, for example, current challenges relating to the work situation and career can be discussed in confidence with a professional coach and, with the help of various methods, the causes of problems can be identified, self-reflection promoted and the development of one's own

Scope of the funding

Costs of a maximum of 2000.00 € per coaching agreement can be guaranteed within the framework of the Professorinnenprogramm III at the University of Rostock.

The main topics are based on the individual needs and challenges of the female scientists. For example, this can include the following areas:

  •     Communication
  •     Cooperation
  •     Personality
  •     Personnel management
  •     Health

Coaching Pool

On request, you will receive information on coaches who have been selected with special consideration of the goals of the female professors program and who have proven gender and diversity competencies.

It is also possible to conclude an agreement with a self-researched coach. Please contact the coordinator of the Professorinnenprogramm III at the University of Rostock.