Scholarship fund for the promotion of gender equality in science and academia

Funding is provided for female Postdocs and doctoral candidates who are members of the University of Rostock and are seeking a scientific qualification at the local university.

Since the Professorinnenprogramm III aims to bring more women into top scientific positions, only women can be supported with funds from this program, according to the Funding- and Project Management Agency.

Duration and scope oft he funding

The scholarship is provided for fellowships to complete post-doctoral and doctoral degrees. Post-doctoral fellows can receive funding for up to 12 months, and doctoral fellows can receive funding for up to 6 months.

The funding rates of the scholarships are:

  • PhD: 1.200 €/ month
  • Post-doc: 1,750 €/ month
  • Child supplement: 400 €/ month (first child) or 100 €/ month (each additional child)

The granting of a scholarship is subject to the availability of the promised funding from the Professorinnenprogramm III of the federal and state governments. Legal recourse is excluded. There is no legal claim to the granting of a scholarship.

Application deadlines

The call for applications is made twice a year:

For funding from March, the application deadline is 01.10 - 15.11.

For funding from September, the application deadline is 01.04 - 15.05.

Applications due to special urgency are not bound to the specified application deadlines and can be submitted at any time. In this case, the processing time is six to eight weeks.

Documents to be submitted

  • Completed, signed application form
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form (without photo, no list of publication)
  • Proof of membership at the University of Rostock
  • Letter of motivation (max. 1 page; short instructions for motivational letter)
  • short description of the qualification project incl. the current work/time schedule (max. 2 pages)
  • Form for statement by the reviewer, including an assessment of whether the project can be completed within the funding period and support of the application by another professor of the University of Rostock (please submit separately within the application deadline)
  • if applicable, justification of urgency or proof of social hardship (if application is submitted outside the application deadline; please refer to the notes in the FAQs)

further information


In order to sustainably advance equality in science, the University of Rostock has set itself the goal of increasing the number of women in top scientific positions. The scholarship fund is intended to support female doctoral candidates in their scientific qualification.


Application and eligibility criteria

Incoming applications are first examined from a formal point of view and for their likelihood of success. The Rectorate decides on the allocation of funds based on the proposal of the Commission for Equal Opportunity and Diversity. As a rule, no reasons are given for rejections.

Funding is only possible if it can be proven that no other funding is available for the qualification project. Multiple funding from different internal university funds is excluded. Simultaneous receipt of another scholarship, employment of more than 10 hours per week in research and teaching or more than five hours per week in other employment or receipt of unemployment benefits I and II are not compatible with the scholarship.

If a fellowship under this program has been approved for a shorter period, the submission of a follow-up application is possible until the funding period has been exhausted, with an explanation of the requirement.

Funding of scholarships for the completion of the doctorate can only be granted if it is an initial supervision by a supervisor of the University of Rostock.

Prerequisites for awarding

Dissemination of the application documents/ publication of the promotion

The documents submitted by the applicants will be passed on within the decision-making bodies involved. The applicants expressly agree to their name and their research or funding topic being mentioned in the context of reporting on the female professors program at the University of Rostock. This includes, for example, mention on the homepage of the university and in other press articles.

Acknowledgement of the eligibility criteria, withdrawal and scholarship agreement

By submitting an application, applicants bindingly agree to the stated eligibility criteria. They are free to withdraw their application or cancel or return a grant at any time. Such withdrawal must be made in writing to the Chair of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Commission.

Only the mutual signing of a scholarship agreement constitutes a commitment to receive the grant. Thus, the conclusion of a scholarship agreement between the applicant and the University of Rostock is a binding prerequisite for receiving a scholarship/funding.

Payment period

The scholarship will be transferred to the account to be specified in the funding case on the 15th of the respective month. The earliest funding month is October 2021.


If a funding commitment is obtained on the basis of incorrect information, the scholarship agreement can be terminated immediately by the University of Rostock. The amounts paid up to that point must be repaid in full within three months. Grossly negligent behavior that endangers the completion of the qualification project will also lead to the premature termination of the funding.

Evaluation and reporting obligations

The grant agreement to be concluded also includes the obligation of the grantees to participate in the evaluation of the program as well as to submit a final report. The final report contains a brief outline of the achieved work status and funding goal. The report (max. 1 page) must be submitted no later than one month after the end of the funding and signed by the grantee and the supervisor of the research/qualification project.