Funding for equal opportunities in science at the University of Rostock: Funding line material resources

Funding is available for female Postdocs and doctoral candidates who are members of the University of Rostock and want to advance their research activities and/or gender equality at the local university..

Since the Professorinnenprogramm III aims to bring more women into top scientific positions, only women can be supported with funds from this program, according to the Funding- and Project Management Agency.

Scope of the funding

A grant under the material exposes fund includes, in particular:

  • Travel expenses for active participation in meetings, conferences (with own presentation / publication), etc.
  • Travel expenses to finance research stays
  • Conference papers, including their translation
  • Printing cost subsidies for monographs
  • Childcare costs incurred due to participation in meetings, conferences, research stays, etc.

The scope depends on the application, but is limited to an amount of up to € 2,000 per application. The approved budget may only be used in accordance with the application and should be drawn down promptly - but within a maximum of nine months of approval (does not apply if a different period was specified in the application). Changes are possible after consultation.

The funds must be used in accordance with the budgetary guidelines of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the University of Rostock. The granting is conditional and depends on the availability of the promised funding from the Professorinnenprogramm III of the federal and state governments. Legal recourse is excluded. There is no legal claim to the granting of funding.

Application deadlines

The call for applications is made twice a year:

For funding from March, the application deadline is 01.10 - 15.11.

For funding from September, the application deadline is 01.04 - 15.05.

Applications due to special urgency are not bound to the specified application deadlines and can be submitted at any time. In this case, the processing time is six to eight weeks.

Documents to be submitted

  • Completed, signed application form
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form (without photo, no list of publication)
  • Proof of membership at the University of Rostock
  • Brief description of the qualification project, incl. justification of the necessity of the material cost support for the project (max. 1 page)
  • Vote on funding by the responsible professorship, incl. assessment by the reviewer
  • Detailed proof of the requested funding amount under the requirement of cost savings, including an explanation of why the project cannot be financed otherwise
  • If applicable, justification of urgency or proof of social hardship (if application is submitted outside the application deadline; please refer to the notes in the FAQs)

further information


In order to support female scientists and researchers in early career phases, the University of Rostock has established an material expenses fund within the framework of the Professorinnenprogramm III of the German federal and state governments. This fund supports female scientists and doctoral candidates in their scientific work at the local university by providing grants for material costs.


Application and eligibility criteria

Incoming applications are first examined from a formal point of view and for their likelihood of success. The Rectorate decides on the allocation of funds based on the proposal of the Commission for Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

As a rule, no reasons are given for rejections.

Funding is only possible if it can be proven that no other financing options exist. This must be explained in the application. Multiple funding is excluded.

Female scientists who have already received funding can reapply once. However, priority is given to new female applicants.


Prerequisites for awarding

Dissemination of the application documents/ publication of the promotion

The documents submitted by the applicants will be passed on within the decision-making bodies involved. The applicants expressly agree to their name and their research or funding topic being mentioned in the context of reporting on the female professors program at the University of Rostock. This includes, for example, mention on the homepage of the university and in other press articles.


If a funding commitment is obtained on the basis of falsely provided information, it may be terminated immediately by the University of Rostock. The amounts paid must be repaid in full within three months.

Evaluation and reporting requirements

The award of a grant for material costs also includes an obligation on the part of the grantee to participate in the evaluation of the program and to submit a final report. The final report contains a brief outline of the achieved work status and funding goal. The report (max. 1 page) must be submitted no later than one month after the end of the grant.