Before Departure

Is your time in Rostock soon coming to an end, and you're going home? Please remember to deal with the following administrative matters before you leave us:

1. Transcript of Records:

If your home university requires a certificate/Transcript of Records covering the credits gained in Rostock, ask the lecturers/professors of your courses how to obtain a so-called “Achievement Certificate” (credits) for the respective course.

You must fill out the Transcript of Records yourself and have it signed by your Departmental Coordinator and then by Rostock International House.

If you need a confirmation of the end of your guest study period for your home university, it can also be provided by Rostock International House.

2. Exmatriculation at the ‘Studierendensekretariat’:

If, at a later date, you want to apply for a full-time studies in Germany, every university will require an exmatriculation certificate from Rostock.

This is a confirmation that you have deregistered properly from the University of Rostock (exmatriculated). You can only carry out exmatriculation in person. You should attend the Studierendensekretariat in Parkstrasse 6 about a month before your departure to do this.

Click here to learn more about the exmatriculation process and to download the form that you will need to submit to the Student Secretariat in this regard.

3. Cancellation of the rental agreement with the Studierendenwerk:

The rental agreement always ends on the date stated therein, and you do not need to submit a separate cancellation notice.
If you want to vacate the room early, you must give notice of 8 weeks.
Please complete the cancelation form and sign it. After completing it, you must have it stamped by us in Rostock International House and then submit it to the Studierendenwerk in St.-Georg-Strasse 104-107.

A fee of 30 Euros is charged to cover the cost incurred by the Studierendenwerk.
Please also note that you need to clean your room or apartment when you move out. There is more information about it here.

4. Deregistration at the registration office/migration office:

Before you depart, please go to your relevant local authority (Ortsamt) and/or to the Migration Office (Migrationsamt) and tell them that your guest study period has ended and that you will be leaving Rostock.

5. Closing your bank account:

If you have opened an account in Germany and you know that you will not be using it over the next year, please go to your bank and ask them whether there will be an account fee (i.e., a monthly fee that you need to pay to the bank).
If so, then you should close the account, so that you do not accrue any debt as a result of the fees.

Here you can download a short version of this checklist.