Checklist for International Guest Students


We are happy that you have decided to take up a guest study course at the University of Rostock, and we would like to offer you our advice and support, even before you arrive.

We have therefore prepared a checklist for you, which is intended to make the preparation for your stay abroad easier. Further information is available from us at Rostock International House.

1. Application for a “Visa for Study Purposes” at the German Embassy

1. Application for a “Visa for Study Purposes” at the German Embassy

Students from the member states in the European Union do not need a visa to enter Germany. This also applies to some other countries.

Information about visa regulations and the list of countries subject to visa requirements can be found at:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) also provides valuable, and very helpful tips for entering and staying in Germany at:

Bear in mind that the application for a visa must be made in good time (generally upon receipt of a letter of admission from the university) because a processing time of several months must be expected.
It is essential to apply for a visa “for study purposes” or “to study”.

A tourist visa or a visitor’s visa is NOT sufficient!

Ask the German Embassy in your home country which documents need to be submitted or need to be ready at hand.

These will include:

  • valid passport
  • letter of admission from the German university
  • proof of financing of at least 934 Euros per month, or 11.208 Euros per year;
    Alternatively, this can be provided by the following evidence:
    1. By evidence of a grant award (at least 934 Euros per month)
    2. By a blocked account at a German bank (to a value of approx. 11.208 Euros per year).
      Please note: The level of such proof may vary from region to region. We therefore recommend asking the German Embassy in your homeland for the precise amount.
    3. Other options are:
      1. A statement of your parents’ income and financial circumstances
      2. A bank guarantee or a guarantee from a German national (a so-called declaration of commitment)

Since the financing opportunities listed in Item 3 will not be accepted in all cases, we recommend that you open an account with restricted access (a blocked account).

Please note: All students (including students following English-language courses) must, as a general rule, submit all their documents to the German authorities (such as the German Embassy, the Migration Office) in the German language!

This website provides more information:

2. Looking for a Flat or Room

2. Looking for a Flat or Room

Please note:
The university place offered is not automatically combined with accommodation! You will need to find your own accommodation.

Student Dormitory
We strongly recommend you to apply for accommodation in the student dormitories because the apartment market in Rostock is very tight. This is often the simpler and more economical option. In addition, this will allow you to socialise with other students at the very start of your stay.

  1. Firstly, you need to send an application for a place in the student dormitories to the Studierendenwerk online or by post. After receiving all mandatory documents, the Studierendenwerk will send you an offer for a room in their residences.
    You will find out which documents are required for the application when you fill in the form.
    Please also ensure that you read the instructions given on the Studierendenwerk’s website before completing the form. These points should answer your most important questions.
  2. Please answer the Studierendenwerk as quickly as possible whether you wish to accept or decline the offer. Otherwise, the room may possibly be offered to someone else.
  3. Signing the rental agreement and handing over the keys takes place during the first few days after your arrival in Germany. Further information will be provided directly by the Studierendenwerk by email. You should therefore check your mailbox on a regular basis.

The application form and other information is available here:
Phone contact is possible using the following number: Tel.: +49 (0)381-4592600

Finding a Shared Flat (WG)
If you do not get a place in the student dormitory, you can look for a room in a shared flat (WG) as an alternative.
However, we do not recommend this as your first option for finding a place to live in Rostock. Above all, if you are only staying in Rostock for one or two semesters, it is often difficult to find a place in a WG. A place in the student residences (see above) is best suited for such short stays.

In the event that you cannot take up your accommodation immediately on the day of your arrival, we recommend spending the night in one of the low-cost youth hostels or youth guesthouses.

Further information and contact options are available here:

3. Taking out Insurance

3. Taking out Insurance

Both for enrolment at the university and for the extension of your stay (visa/residence permit) in Germany, sufficient health insurance coverage must be checked.

Rostock International House offers support and guiding advice for the following steps in the application process for your guest studies.

EU students:

Proof of the European Health Insurance Card is not sufficient. You must ask a German statutory health insurance company for confirmation of your insurance. Before the semester begins, you will receive instructions to assist you in requesting said confirmation of insurance.

After your insurance coverage has been checked, an electronic notification will be sent to the University of Rostock that health insurance is in place. Without this notification you cannot be enrolled.

Non-EU students:

We recommend taking out travel insurance for entering Germany. Before arrival, however, you must take out appropriate - preferably statutory - health insurance for the duration of your stay. Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for your studies and life in Germany and is not optional.

If you can prove that you have a foreign private health insurance policy, this must be checked with a German statutory health insurance company to ensure that it provides sufficient cover.

If you have taken out (statutory) health insurance in Germany, you must contact your health insurance company so that they send an electronic notification to the University of Rostock that you have valid health insurance. Before the start of the semester, you will receive instructions to assist you in requesting said insurance confirmation. Without this notification and without health insurance, you cannot be enrolled.

Our recommendation to all students:

You should also take out personal liability and accident insurance that covers return transport to your home country (in the event of illness or death).

4. Payment of the semester fee

4. Payment of the semester fee

For your enrolment, you will receive an email from the University of Rostock's Student´s Office with the attachment "Zahlungsaufforderung". In this file you will find all the important information about paying the semester contribution of € 276.

  1. Please read the file "Zahlungsaufforderung" carefully.
  2. When making payment, please enter University of Rostock as the name/company.
  3. Please make sure that you indicate the reason of use ("Verwendungszweck") so that the system can recognise your payment correctly.
  4. Make sure that you enter the correct IBAN.

If you have any questions or are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Preparation for Study and Online-Portal

5. Preparation for Study and Online-Portal

At the beginning of your studies you will receive a user ID and a password to register in the online portal. There you can view your study certificates, current notifications and payment requests and enter your contact details. 



Additionally you can also access the study and examination portal. This portal is relevant for an overview of modules and their registrations.




You find further information regarding exams and aprolongation of your stay here.

6. Semester Ticket (public transport)

6. Semester Ticket (public transport)

The semester ticket is valid throughout Germany for local public transport and must be downloaded via the vvw app. The student ID card is not valid as a semester ticket!

It is best to find out more directly on the website of the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), which is responsible for organising the ticket.

7. Important contacts in Rostock

7. Important contacts in Rostock

Rostock International House - Incoming Section
Tel.: +49 (0) 381 498 1209
Parkstrasse 6
18057 Rostock, Germany

Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar
St.-Georg-Str. 104-107
D-18055 Rostock, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 381 4592 600

Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI)
Instagram: @esn_lei_rostock
WhatsApp: Please contact ESN LEI Rostock in order to get access to the whatsapp group chat.