Application Process

Please send us your application documents to incoming.rihuni-rostockde with the following subject line

Guest Studies at the University of Rostock – Full Name

Should you have any questions about the application procedure, please send us an e-mail or use our online office hour

Tuesday: 13:30 am – 14.30 am

Application Deadlines

Winter Semester: July 01 of the same year

Summer Semester: January 15 of the same year

Further Information

Further information about the schedule of events
for the semester and lecture times
can be found here.

Application Documents

Please send us the complete set of the following application documents before the application deadline:

  1. Application for enrolment as a guest student
    Please complete this form and provide your signature on the second last page. Click here for the instructions.

  2. Current certificate of enrolment at your home university
    Please submit a certificate of enrolment, which shows that you are enrolled as a student in the current semester.

  3. Proof of sufficient language ability

    • In order to successfully take part in seminars and lectures, you will need to give proof of German or English language proficiency of level B1 (according to the CEFR standard), depending on the language of instruction.

    • Special case: For Human Medicine, Dentistry and Medical Biotechnology, you will need to provide a B2-certificate.

    • The certificate must test reading, writing, listening and speaking skills (TOEIC® Listening and Reading is not sufficient).

    • We only accept documents in German or English language, which explicitly contain the language level according to the CEFR standard. Results from online tests determining the language level (such as Erasmus+ OLS) will not be accepted.

  4. Study Plan or Learning Agreement

    • Please contact us first regarding your Learning Agreement/Study Plan.

    • Students wishing to study at the University of Rostock as part of the Erasmus+ programme should use the Learning Agreement from their home university

    • Important for Erasmus+ if your Home University works with OLA

    • Students wishing to study at the University of Rostock through a university partnership or as a free mover should use the study plan
    • In order to complete your document, please provide modules you have selected from the module database for your studies at Rostock University.
      • Exception 1: Students enrolling in German Studies (Germanistik) will have to select seminars and lectures from the online-portal LSF. Click here for further information.

      •   Exception 2: Students enrolling in Political Science who wish to study in English as guest students should select the courses from the online-portal (LSF). You can also use the course catalogue of the Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences.

    • Click here for lectures and seminars with English as their medium of instruction.

    • Click here for complete study programmes in English language. 

    • If you have any questions about modules or your Learning Agreement or Study plan, please contact your departmental coordinator. Please also write him as the contact person in your Learning Agreement.

  5. Confirmation of living arrangements

    Please provide a confirmation by the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar stating that you have complete the application for a room in the dormitory.

    Please complete this online application. In the box “Hinweise”, please state “guest studies“ as well as the beginning and end date.

    Please apply for a dorm room as soon as possible, as the allocation of places will be done according to the waiting list.

Please send us your application via e-mail to incoming.rihuni-rostockde.

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