A visa is a permit to enter Germany and cross the border.

Students from the member states in the European Union do not need a visa to enter Germany. This also applies to some other countries.

Information about visa regulations and the list of countries subject to visa requirements can be found at:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) also provides valuable, and very helpful tips for entering and staying in Germany at:

Bear in mind that the application for a visa must be made in good time, because a processing time of several months must be expected.
It is essential to apply for a visa “for study purposes” or “to study”. The official notice of acceptance as a student to the University of Rostock will allow you to receive a student visa for entering Germany.

A tourist visa or a visitor’s visa is NOT sufficient!

Ask the German Embassy in your home country which documents need to be submitted or need to be ready at hand.

These will include:

  • valid passport
  • letter of admission from the German university
  • proof of financing of at least 934 Euros per month, or 11,208 Euros per year;
    Alternatively, this can be provided by the following evidence:
    1. By evidence of a grant award (at least 800 Euros per month)
    2. By a blocked account at a German bank (to a value of approx. 11,208 Euros per year).
      Please note: The level of such proof may vary from region to region. We therefore recommend asking the German Embassy in your homeland for the precise amount.
    3. Other options are:
      1. A statement of your parents’ income and financial circumstances
      2. A bank guarantee or a guarantee from a German national (a so-called declaration of commitment)

Since the financing opportunities listed in Item 3 will not be accepted in all cases, we recommend that you open an account with restricted access (a blocked account).

Please note: All students (including students following English-language courses) must, as a general rule, submit all their documents to the German authorities (such as the German Embassy, the Migration Office) in the German language!

Residence Permit

A residence permit, or permission to reside, is permission to live in Germany for the period of your studies. 

You need to register with your relevant local authority before you apply for a residence permit. This applies for all international students who wish to stay longer than three months in Germany. An overview of the local authorities (Ortsämter) is available here. Please make an appointment to visit the local authority.

You will need the following documents for your registration:

  • Passport / ID
  • Landlord's certificate (“Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”)
  • Student ID

Non-EU nationals additionally need to apply to the Rostock Migration Office (Migrationsamt) for a residence permit to study after arriving.

The following documents need to be submitted, as the original and as copies, during your visit:

  • Application form for granting a residence permit
  • Copy of passport/ ID
  • Rental agreement
  • Registration certificate (local authority/town hall)
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Certificate of expected study duration/standard study period
  • Evidence of financing
  • Biometric passport photographs

It is important that the completed application form is submitted to the Migration Office at least 4 weeks before the current residence permit expires. All other documents can be submitted later if necessary! 

Send the application preferably by e-mail to or by post. To have your biometric data recorded, please make an appointment at the e-mail address provided.